OeTok Review – Key Features, Partners and Disadvantages

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Already at first sight you realize there’s something missing with OeTok company. And that is the ownership details. Even though they present OeTok Global as “the company”, they don’t provide any registration details.

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t hold any DASP (Digital Asset Service Provider) licenses. They are not even in the MAS (Singapore) register. Not to mention other Tier 1 worldwide regulators like ASIC, BaFin or FCA.

Considering that this company offers CFD trading with crypto, they should have a license like any other broker. And yet, all the crypto purchases they are promoted through different partnerships.

Let us know about your experience with this company. But also, don’t miss out on the chance to get your money back! Contact us for more details.

The company operates without a license for shady trading software. Therefore, the field is prepared for a bogus scam. Once you deposit money into your OeTok account, you can trade crypto CFDs. Most importantly, you’ll be using a spread up to 1:125. Have in mind that your account balance can be wiped out in seconds.

Also, they advertise crypto mining devices and third-party exchanges. Which have nothing to do with them. Let us know if you found any irregularities about this company.

Generally, one of the main targets are western rich countries. In this case, the company focuses on America. To be precise, scammed victims mainly come from: 

The company offers web-based software. On the positive side, it’s easily accessible and you can quickly realize all its flaws. Even though it’s simplified, it’s not fully functional. It only offers a time frame function and nothing more. 

With such poor design and limited functionality, you should consider other options.

According to the company, there are dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices. Thus, like many things on their website, the options are not functional. But we checked official stores and their app doesn’t exists.

The presentation says that the company offers a wide range of assets. Thus, in the platform, you can only see 11 options. Some of those are: 

In fact, no. The company doesn’t offer any risk-free trading feature. Especially not a demo account. But they already revealed all their flaws.

The only trading-related information is about leverage. For spot trading, you get 1:5 leverage, while for margin trading you get up to 1:125. Thus, none of the other trading costs are revealed.

OeTok withdrawal is a story for itself. The company doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy. That’s the number one thing. Also, transferring methods remain unknown. But the worst part is that the company requires you to pay withdrawal fees. Although, the numbers remain hidden. Same as their short notice about it in the T&Cs.

With this in mind, you can expect a variety of problems throughout your withdrawal request. But with poor OeTok contact options, you shouldn’t raise hope to get some assistance from them. Instead, you can opt for Tier 1 licensed brokers and avoid any headaches.

Considering that this is a completely anonymous company, the best solution is to start a chargeback. Of course, that works in the case of card transactions. In case of crypto transfers, you can get assistance from our team with CipherTrace. Once you track down your crypto transaction you can start the refund process.

To start all of that, let us know more about your experience in the comment section. Or simply, contact us directly and book your consultation already today!

Definitely not. They operate without a license and full ownership transparency.

Actually, no. To purchase cryptos you have to go on third-party partnership exchanges.

No. One of the customers already pointed out withdrawal issues. In case you experience something similar, contact our team immediately to start the refund.

The only way to reach out to the company is through their online chat.

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