Obrbanc Review – Scammers Use The Tried And Tested Method To Defraud More People

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Obrbanc has a website we have seen too many times before. It has the same home page, same layout, same pictures, charts and tables like so many other scam brokers, only the name of the company is different.

Unfortunately, it is not by chance that many bogus brokers use the exact same website design and trading parameters. It has proven time and time again to be an effective tool in conning honest people. Read more about how to recognize and avoid such frauds in our Obrbanc Review.

Obrbanc claims to be a legitimate firm, registered in the UK. Their HQ address is allegedly 52-54 Lime Street London EC3M 2RY, United Kingdom. This means they fall under the jurisdiction of the FCA, which is one of the most rigorous financial regulators in the world.

The FCA monitors the finances of more than 51 000 companies. When we checked the FCA’s database, we didn’t find any information about Obrbanc. For this reason, we have broadened our search to other regulators, such as BaFIN, CySEC, ASIC, NFA and CBR. None of them had any information on Obrbanc, which means that they are an unlicensed brokerage.

This did not surprise us. The FCA and many other regulatory bodies explicitly forbid bonuses, and Obrbank offers a bonus of 100% for some account types. There are other safety standards that the FCA imposes, such as Negative Balance Protection and Segregated Bank Accounts, and Obrbanc doesn’t comply with any of these conditions. The leverage of 1:100 on Obrbanc is also larger than the allowed maximum of 1:30.

Obrbanc scam is very young, and the majority of the trader’s reviews found online have been paid by Obrbanc themselves. You can easily tell them apart from the genuine testimonials because of the way they are written.

Here is what clients have to say about Obrbanc:

“ Everyone should stay away from OBR Banc! They almost caused me to go bankrupt due to their misleading behavior and unexpected charges. […] 

“OBRbanc are NOT what they seem. I was scammed and have raised an action fraud report against them. At first, I believed everything to be genuine and the website seemed very professional. […] “

Obrbanc are exploiting the methods already tried by other scam companies. Most of the hard work is done by Boiler Room Agents, who tirelessly sweep the phonebook, trying to find new victims. They can also be active on social networks, and typically also use applications like Whatsapp and Viber.

In the case you have invested money with Obrbanc, you should start a chargeback process immediately. You can easily book a free consultation session with our chargeback professionals through Live Chat on our website.

Obrbanc started operating their service earlier in 2023. This explains the lack of actual personal reviews, and the company’s small digital footprint. It is no secret that the swindlers usually target citizens of more developed nations. In this regard, Obrbanc doesn’t stand out from the other frauds.

The Obrbanc Scam is most widespread in these nations:

This browser based program does not require a download or an installation. It does, however, allow the scammers to edit all the numbers when it comes to the market information, and make any speculation unprofitable.

Have a look at the list of assets with some more popular examples below:

The account selection on Obrbanc is completely the same as with other faux brokers. The only difference is in the minimum deposit required. Demo account is not available, but we didn’t even expect one from a fraud like Obrbanc.

These are the Trading Accounts offered on Obrbanc:

Some of the Obrbanc accounts incur a fee of a whopping 50%! We can’t see any way a person trading through Obrbanc making a profit with these conditions. Withdrawal isn’t free either, and it costs an insane 20%. In the Web Trader we can see spreads start with 0.1 Pips, whics is average.

We were doubtful whether you can even trade through Obrbanc. After seeing this, we understand that even if one could trade, they wouldn’t make any profits.

With more expensive trading accounts on Obrbanc, you can expect bonuses up to 100%. They consider these bonuses to be a company-issued “credit”. They will deduct 25% of profits until the bonus amount has been paid off. Profiting from Obrbanc is exceedingly difficult nevertheless, and this policy gives the swindlers an excuse to extort the client for bonus money if the account goes under.

We have already mentioned that it’s borderline impossible to make any money through Obrbanc. Even if you do, Scammers won’t easily let go of the money you’ve deposited. They invent a large number of reasons to prevent any payouts even if you do manage to beat the odds.

If you have any trouble with an Obrbanc Withdrawal, feel free to contact our recovery experts. You may book a free consultation through the Live Chat on our website.

Obrbanc is a so-called Production Line Scam. They use the same website template as many other fraudulent brokers we have encountered before. This company does not possess any license or authorization to provide broker services to their clients.

If you have any issues with withdrawals from Obrbanc, we offer a helping hand in recovering your lost funds. Our recovery experts are just one click away. Book a free consultation through the Live Chat on our site for the quickest response time, and start your chargeback today!

Obrbanc is a dangerous unlicensed brokerage with a history of defrauding people for money. Your investments with this company are not safe. Request a free consultation session from our legal experts through the Live Chat, and start fund recovery today.

The key features of this fraudulent brokerage are very high fees, and a barely functional Web Trader platform. There are basically no positive aspects of trading through Obrbanc.

Obrbanc is an unregulated brokerage. They pose a risk of total asset loss, regardless of the outcome of your trades. Scam brokers are known to disappear with the clients money without any notice.

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