Nordik Markets Review – Intentional Deception Through Flashy Name

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Interestingly enough, the website of Nordik Markets is not available in any Nordic language, only Spanish. Many links that should lead you to important information just return you back to the main page. Most of the time, their Terms & Conditions document will simply show a 404 error.

No matter how good or bad their site is, this company has been blacklisted by numerous financial regulators. Read more in our Nordik Markets review.

The absence of any financial license to sell and market investment services means that Nordik Markets doesn’t keep clients’ funds safe, doesn’t implement the security protocols or any of the AML measures. Investments here are most certain to be stolen by the fraudsters operating the poorly designed website. 

These agents claim to represent a profitable company, and pester their victims relentlessly until they squeeze the money out of them. Depending on the client, agents will either ask for more over time, or break communication.

Either way, the only way to withdraw from these miscreants is through legal action, and we can provide the necessary support you need.

Ultimately, it matters not if you reside in any country in the world. Nordik Markets has the goal to reach as many targets as possible. If they’ve already convinced you to invest, please contact our chargeback experts for help.

Since the Nordik Markets login creation page doesn’t work, we couldn’t access their client area to test their software, if any actually exists.

The general informational opacity continues with the Nordik Markets assets. Out of the alleged 800+ instruments, the company only advertises these:

We advise our readers not to invest with any firm that doesn’t clearly say which assets they offer. Regulated investment firms provide a large array of investment options, and advertise their assets in detail.

There is no information about any trading accounts on Nordik Markets, and they mention no demo. While an account creation page does exist, it isn’t functional enough for you to complete the registration process.

We could only learn that the minimum deposit is $300, which is above the current industry average. Investors should be aware that any reputable and reliable investment firm will openly discuss their investment policies in a transparent manner.

Any information pertaining to costs and fees doesn’t show on the Nordik Markets website. Even if you somehow manage to create a valid Nordik Markets login, you will not be revealed anything of crucial importance. 

Marketing their alleged flawless service is all that this fraudster knows how to do. The rest of the vital information is omitted from the web presentation. Not to mention that the links that should take you to the legal docs archive are all broken. Lack of transparency in this aspect is horrifying. 

Nordik Markets maintains an approach that severely lacks transparency even when it comes to money transfers. The restrictions imposed on account creation did not help our tries to learn anything of the withdrawal methods, processing time and fees occurring.

By conveniently omitting these circumstances and conditions from the website, Nordik Markets enables the thievery to go more smoothly. The single line in a shallow T&C doc suggests that by accepting their conditions, you accept to pay any occurring fees to Nordik Markets. 

This leaves space for the swindler to charge whatever sums they wish, and often results in them deducting these sums directly from your total account balance.

Nordik Markets is a dangerous unregulated company. Their website doesn’t contain any of the important information any trader should consider carefully prior to investing any funds. The way these con artists work is through boiler room agents.

This fake investment firm does not implement any fund safeties, and their only goal is to steal your money. Contact our legal professionals through the live chat in order to start a chargeback procedure.

Nordik Markets is a fake investment firm that sells financial services without a legitimate license.

The firm and the website are completely fake and confirmed as a scam by several financial regulators.

If you’ve invested with Nordik Markets you should immediately contact our chargeback experts for advice on how to perform a withdrawal safely.

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