Nixse Review – Is Minimum Deposit of $10K Worth The Trouble?

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Nixse Ltd is registered for the first time in 2020. With their headquarters in Taiwan, you can already have a bad feeling. However, while reading this Nixse Review that feeling will come alive.

Out of 53 reviews, almost 20% of those are with the lowest rating. Mainly containing complaints about withdrawal issues. In case you got any issues with this broker, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with our team.

Most of the time, scam brokers will offer anything to attract you. They don’t even hesitate to mislead traders and openly lie about it. Like in the case of the Nixse scam broker. They sell you stories about quick money, trusted software and regulations.

However, once you start trading with them you realize they just want more money from you. Mostly they manage to do that with manipulative Nixse web trader. Let us know if something like that happened to you as well.

It seems like Nixse grew its client network in different continents. Since 2020 they are targeting highly and strictly regulated countries. In the case of Nixse, scammed traders mainly come from: 

Luckily authorities are quickly exposing these swindlers. But if you have trouble with recovering your funds, you are at the right place. Send us a message and book your consultation today!

As for the trading software, there is a web trader but also a Nixse nx trader. Thus, the download option on the website doesn’t work and guides you to the login screen. This tells you they are obviously hiding or manipulating something. Important to realize is that traders don’t have any advanced features like social or copy trading.

The company advertises a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android. For example, the Nixse gold account also states you can use a mobile trader. Thus, to download, you have to be a registered user.

Like any other scam broker, Nixse offers a wide range of instruments. Yet, the reliability of data presented by the broker is questionable. Anyway, you can choose between 5 categories:

The Nixse scam is obvious for another reason. It’s their account types offer. Without any credibility, they require a minimum deposit of $10.000. Yet, higher deposits don’t bring you any significant benefits. You can choose between:

To sum it up, no. There are no risk-free trading options with this broker. Yet, they expect you to trust them with at least $10.000.

Another key point is trading conditions. All the countries where they operate have limited offered leverage. Mostly between 1:30 and 1:50. Thus, this scam broker offers 1:400. On top of that, without negative balance protection. The company claims to have lowest commissions and no transaction fees. Thus, we’d rather stick with a transparent Tier 1 licensed broker.

One more scam sign is the bonus. Like in any other scam case, a Nixse payout is not possible unless you meet the required trading volume. But to make it worse, it’s not specified. This leaves enough room for manipulation with clients.

After reviewing all the facts, most likely not. Many traders already reported withdrawal issues in the first place. But even without those, you can understand that a non-licensed broker doesn’t need to comply with anything. Luckily, they are exposed as the scam by trusted regulators and it’s just a matter of time before they vanish. Thus, if they rise again, you will know how to recognize these swindlers.

The first thing is to report it locally and share your opinion online. Nixse money back procedure is not simple for individuals. On the positive side, our experts can guide you step by step. Have in mind that the first consultation is free of charge and maybe today you can start the chargeback process. Don’t think twice if you want your money back! Contact us!

Nixse Ltd is a trading company registered allegedly in Taiwan and operates worldwide without a license.

Nixse scam broker offers FX and CFD trading services to traders all over the world.

Most likely no. With a shady withdrawal and bonus policy, you can’t expect to get your money back. If you already got scammed, contact us as soon as possible.

Depending on the funding method you can apply for chargeback or use some alternative methods. If you already got scammed, contact us as soon as possible for more advices.

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