Neocapital io Review – What Neocapital Offer Reveals To Traders?

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In the company’s legal documents ownership belongs to Nexus LLC. This company is allegedly registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines. However, the company name or registration number is not listed in the FSA register.

Is this the first clue that Neocapital io is a scam? There are many more clues to come. Keep reading this Neocapital io Review to keep your funds safe!

Even though the company transparently presents ownership details, that’s not enough to claim they are legit. For that purpose, we are checking the most trusted Tier 1 registers worldwide. Such as FCA, ASIC, BaFin and CFTC. Thus, as with many other scam brokers, this one doesn’t have any licenses either.

Now you know that their promises about segregated accounts and negative balance protection are most likely fake. Like everything else about this broker. Not to mention that the company they provide in the legal documents is not listed in the FSA register.

This offshore broker provides already-known FX and CFD trading services. However, without any advanced features. Besides the company’s statements about security, trading conditions and innovative technology, there is nothing spectacular to attract you.

Yet, these guys manage to get some newbies to join. They mainly get that to happen with false advertisements. Most of the time it’s regarding volatile assets. Indeed those can make enormous profits. But also losses with leverage that this broker offers. If you think this broker scammed you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team for assistance.

As can be seen, the company’s website exists only for 2 months. It’s not enough time for regulators to catch up. Therefore it’s important to share your experience with this company and expose their scam activities. Some of the mainly targeted countries are:

If you find yourself from any of those feel free to us for further pieces of advice.

As the key part of trading, there is trading software. Many legitimate brokers opt for trusted technology. Like cTrader or Meta Trader. Thus, the Neocapital io scam broker opted for a web trader. Even though they promote desktop apps, there is no download option available.

Practically they copied the main advantages of trusted software. But if they will provide you with such technology remains a mystery.

Same as with the desktop app, the company doesn’t provide a download option for mobile apps. We checked PlayStore and AppStore for dedicated software, but no results were found. In fact, this might be just another cheesy tactic to attract traders.

Nowadays, it’s important to keep up with trends. That’s why many brokers offer a variety of trading options. Thus, that doesn’t make them trusted. In this case, you can trade with: 

Neocapital io account types don’t offer anything spectacular. In fact, none of the financially beneficial information is available. Except for minimum deposits. Those are: 

Another key point is missing demo account. For example, Neocapital io crypto might be an attractive offer. But with leverage of 1:300 and non-transparent fees very dangerous. Therefore, demo accounts are suitable options to test the conditions. Sadly, they don’t offer it. Even some mediocre companies offer it. You can check it in our Rich FX, TradeATF and Richness Empire reviews.

Neocapital io fees are another important topic. The company doesn’t offer any transparent information about fees or commissions. Only for the spread, they claim to offer a minimum on the highest account level. Thus, the lowest one can cost you heavily. As already mentioned leverage goes up to 1:300.

Yes. In general, this is something forbidden in Europe due to malicious clauses. To complete a Neocapital io withdraw procedure, you must meet certain requirements. In this case, minimum trading volume (bonus amount divided by 5 = lots to be traded). Most of the time, impossible to reach.

Neocapital io payout is suspicious at best. The company doesn’t offer transparent information about funding methods and fees. But also they have mentioned bonus policy. On top of that, they are not regulated and the obvious goal is just to extract money from traders and vanish.

Firstly, you should report it to the local authorities to expose the scam as soon as possible. Secondly, you can share your experience on other platforms to prevent other traders from becoming their next victim. But most importantly, you need to get your money back.

It’s possible! You can consult with our team specialized for such situations and get the proper advice on the next steps. The first consultation is free of charge. You choose whether you want your money or not. Contact us today!

Neocapital io is a shady offshore brokerage offering FX and CFD services without any regulations.

Considering all the facts presented by the broker and shady conditions, most likely no.

The only contact options are e-mail and an online contact form. This adds up to the conclusion they are not a legitimate broker.

Definitely not. Without regulations, any protection they offer might be fake. But if you already got caught, contact us as soon as possible for refund assistance.

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