Naristech Review – Main Reasons Why Not To Trust This Company

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This is not the start you were looking for. Anyway, this Naristech review will expose many more irregularities about this company. Keep reading or get scammed. It’s up to you.

Naristech company is an absolute scam. Firstly, because they are using a fake registration number for SC Bahamas regulation. In fact, such number cannot be found in SCB register whatsoever.

Practically, everything about this broker is related to manipulation. Secondly, they offer reliable and trusted services. In the end, they will be nice as long as you are depositing money. But once you want to take it out, the nightmare starts.

You can expect excuses like AML laws, verification issues, non-existent fees and taxes. All this combined gives them enough time to extort more money from you. If you recognize any of these, contact us immediately.

Since 2023 when they registered, they have been targeting a few countries. But most of their victims come from:

Of course, they were offering services without adequate regulations. So, if you were one of those victims as well, don’t hesitate to contact us for chargeback assistance.

According to the presentation, the company offers a proprietary app. Yet, the reality is that traders can only use web-based software with limited functionalities. Not something reliable like cTrader or MetaTrader. 

Another key disadvantage of is a lack of dedicated mobile apps. Therefore, iOS and Android users will have to bother with a browser to access their accounts. In any case, you can’t expect some advanced features there.

Financial instruments seen with this broker are quite average. Nothing they would make themselves as an exceptional broker. The options are:

Account types with scam brokers are there to show you how much money they want to steal from you. In this case between 250 and 1M EUR. There are 7 account types available:

Since the broker claims to be in the UK, they shouldn’t allow leverage higher than 1:30. Yet, the maximum offered goes up to 1:200.

Spreads are mostly fixed but non-specified. Of course, with a higher deposit, you get a discount. The same principle values for swap rates, commissions and withdrawal fees.

Even though the broker doesn’t mention it transparently, bonuses are available. Of course, there is a malicious bonus policy that prevents traders from withdrawing any funds.

Considering missing regulations, numerous negative complaints and a shady bonus policy, you can’t expect clean withdrawal. On top of that, they have insanely high withdrawal fees among all the other fees they charge. So, you can only hope there will be something left for you.

If you have any issue with this broker, you can report it to domestic authorities. Ultimately, that helps to shut down scam brokers. But in the end, you are probably looking for your funds. For those activities, it’s always recommended to talk to refund specialists.

Sometimes you don’t have access to technology, such as CipherTrace that can be the key to recovering the funds. In any case, book a first appointment for free and find out all the steps.

Naristech is an anonymous scam broker operating since 2023 that is ripping off traders worldwide.

No. The company openly lies about its regulation when they don’t have any. Especially not the Tier 1 licenses.

The minimum deposit is only 250 EUR. But without a license, that’s too much. So, if you experience any problems, especially withdrawals, contact our chargeback experts.

No. Even though they have a presentation showing the app. But all the features are only available on Web Trader.

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