Morgan Invest Review – Zero Protection and Maximized Risk

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In the first place, Morgan Invest broker doesn’t reveal any details about its owner. Neither do they mention their location. However, T&Cs reveal that the governing law is Estonian. Not the country you are looking for if you are into trading.

If you want to work with the broker that has your interest as a priority you have to recognize those. For that reason, we encourage you to read this Morgan Invest review carefully.

Morgan Invest broker claims to have 3 licenses. Primarily, they should be in the FIU register, but they are not. On top of that, the lookup for this broker in the FCA, BaFin and ASIC registers brought the same results. Moreover, they are not in the FINACOM and CySEC register as they claim.

With this in mind, you can expect only a fictive offer from Morgan Invest broker. For a company that is registered in 2023, it’s hardly possible to have more than 110k clients. Especially if they are not regulated.

As can be seen, Morgan Invest is misleading traders on every corner. Firstly with regulations and then with fake software. Ultimately, they create an environment where you trust them about the next opportunities. Understandably, everyone wants to make more money and they deposit more in the end.

But once you realize it’s a fairy tale, it’s too late. Money is gone. But there are ways to get it back and our chargeback team can explain to you in-detail procedure.

According to the broker, the Morgan Invest login feature is available through trusted MetaTrader 4 software. Yet, every part of the ad leads you to basic TradingView. Even though claims to have it, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Same as their regulations. Therefore, you can only expect with this scam broker a plain web trader with minimum functionalities.

Tradeable instruments with scam brokers are completely irrelevant. Primarily because the whole platform is fictive. But if their offer is, as they say, there are: 

Morgan Invest scam broker has quite a suspicious account type offer. The minimum is acceptable and starts at 250 EUR. But, you don’t get anything for it. And the next step will cost you 25,000 EUR. Once you upgrade your account they can vanish any time. Anyway, the options are

Another scam sign with this broker is their fees. Or if you like, the lack of it. The company doesn’t reveal any transparent details about trading costs. 

Only leverage is potentially transparent and goes up to 1:100 for some accounts. But for the highest account type, you can get custom leverage. In any case, it doesn’t comply with regulations.

Morgan Invest’s welcome bonus of up to 100% is available. Of course, comes along with a catch. You must reach a trading volume 30 times higher than deposit plus bonus amount. Otherwise, you can’t withdraw the funds. Like if that was ever an option.

Considering all the mentioned facts, no. The company is not regulated and they don’t offer transparent services. Not to mention trading costs and fees. Moreover, there are too many lies on their website. All combined leads to the conclusion that they are ripping you off.

Reaching your domestic regulator is always a solution. At least you can help other traders get warned about the broker. 

But in the end, the only thing you want is your money back. For that, you can get assistance from our refund specialists. Book your first free meeting today and find out all the steps!

Morgan Invest is an Estonian broker operating since 2023 in the FX and CFD trading world.

No. The company is not regulated anywhere. Yet, they claim to be. With those lies in mind, you can look elsewhere to invest your funds.

Absolutely not. The company doesn’t have a trace of legitimacy. Therefore, if you recognize any withdrawal issues, contact our refund team immediately.

According to generally acceptable AML rules and regulations, withdrawals must be performed only through the same bank account or credit/debit card that you used to deposit the funds.

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