Moon Quality Review – No Qualities Of This Shallow And Overpriced Offer

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Under the assumption that you’re able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a trading offer, you still ought to know who you’re dealing with. Sadly, there’s nothing concrete to learn about this brand’s owner, corporate information or real legal jurisdiction. Knowing all that, you can only assume what kind of trading portal this Moon Quality review is warning you about. 

Each of their former customers that came to leave their opinion on this firm is negative. The major problem appearing in every case is inability to withdraw even the initial investment, let alone the profit accumulated.

Have you ever been contacted out of the blue by a suspicious and overly friendly sales agent that promises huge profits only if you agree to start depositing on their platform? Then, most probably, you were targeted as a potential fraud victim. 

The thing with these discrete yet obnoxiously pushy online manipulators is that they do not shy away from promising anything you wish to hear. Even if that means acting as if they’re romantically interested in you. 

There’s no filter and nothing is sacred to these people. Their goal is to hype you up and motivate you to throw your money into the grinder while convincing you of guaranteed and effortless profits.

Always remember to look for help, wherever you may reside. Besides local authorities who you need to report the fraudsters to, we can aid you in money recovery processes.

The only software we’ve found on the site that resembles a trading platform is located in the user area. However, this is no trader or price-speculating platform. Only purpose of this widget is market watching and stock data obtaining. However, that doesn’t equal trading! No orders may be placed and no form of trading could be conducted on it. 

Since the firm insists on users completing the KYC and investing first, it could be that the access to the terminal is provided later. You should never agree to such conditions – they’re the least beneficial for you as a trader.

We’ll list some of the major asset groups given on the bogus platform. However, we cannot prove or guarantee the possibility of trading on these financial instruments:

It all seems nice and comforting to have a dedicated account manager promised to you, along with free live lessons, managed wallet and personalized learning scheme. 

Sadly, all of these are just another pack of weasel words as an attempt to sell worthless and fictitious products. At that, the prices of each of these packages is quite high and not in any way acceptable:

We’re not quite sure if the exaggerated leverage of up to 1:400 or the lack of transparency is the main problem with this platform. The list of reasons why you should not even think about investing here goes on and on.

On one side, there’s some trading parameters that are obviously rule breaking in every way. On the other is the anonymity approach and a veil of secrets that envelops the costs, fees and commissions. Such a badly designed combination can only mean one thing: investments here are destined to be stolen!

The payment processing elements are also left unclarified. Through the client area, we could locate the withdrawal request creation form, but it also lacks comprehensive information. There’s two choice to pick from as transfer methods:

Whether you’d like to report an unscrupulous broker, withdrawal issues or just share your story and experience – we’re at your service. Our skilled and knowledgeable recovery agents are working tirelessly to make sure you regain control over your funds. 

Please use the online chat function to book your first consultation which is absolutely free of charge.

This is an unlawful website selling and promoting financial services without a license.

No, this firm is not a legit entity or a regulated service provider. They do not show in any database of licensed brands.

Yes, as long as you contact our chargeback professionals promptly, we can guide you through the process.

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