Midasfxtrades Review – Main Reasons To Avoid Investing Here

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If you are interested in investing, the key detail you have to watch is security. Once traders start investing with shady firms, they just keep digging their graves. That’s why our detailed Midasfxtrades review helps you understand all the company’s flaws.

As can be seen, the company claims to be in the business for more than 9 years. But that’s just one of the bogus lies served to customers. Let’s find out all the others.

One of the first signs that this company is not transparent is a lack of ownership details. Secondly, they are not authorized by any regulator to provide investment services. Especially not in the US, where they claim to be registered. Neither NFA nor CFTC have any records of this company in their database.

Sadly, we couldn’t find Midasfxtrades investment company in any other Tier 1 regulatory register, such as FCA, BaFin, or ASIC. Therefore, watch out for all the tricks we will present you here.

Keep in mind that taxes should be paid to the government. But also, if there are any fees, the company could charge it from the profits. That’s logical, isn’t it? In any case, if you went through the same, contact our refund team for assistance as soon as possible.

As it looks, everything about this company is made through manipulation. They try to present themselves as a legitimate firm. Yet, they are completely anonymous. If you didn’t realize, their ownership details are missing. On top of that, they are hiding their phone number. All in all, not a single reason available to trust them.

But how do traders fail for their tricks? They simply apply through their hard-sales ads for some free programs. Once they leave contact details, the harassment starts. Literally, they don’t let you go unless you deposit. But once you do that, it’s game over. If you are the one who can’t withdraw the funds from this company, let us know what happened.

To be precise, there are two countries on the company’s target list. Since the company was registered in September 2023 and not 9 years ago, we can expect more countries there. But for now, most of the scammed victims come from: 

We encourage you to share your experience and opinion about this firm. Otherwise, we can’t help other traders avoid the Midasfxtrades BTC scam. If you want to start the refund procedure straightaway, send us a message.

This investment company is not one of the most transparent ones. They don’t reveal any trading software details, trading conditions, or fees. But if you want to trade safely, it’s always recommended to use trusted technology, such as cTrader or MetaTrader. Yet, none of the secure options are available with this company.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t reveal any details about the mobile apps. Therefore, you can expect just a basic web-based platform with limited features. However, regardless of the features these platforms can’t be trusted. Firstly because of missing regulations and secondly because of manipulation potential.

As it seems, the company claims to offer a wide range of assets, such as forex, indices, commodities, and cryptos. However, the main focus is on cryptocurrencies. But not because of the potential. It’s because of the hard traceability and irreversible transfers. 

Generally, account types with Midasfxtrades scam company don’t reveal many details. As it looks, traders can get different types of training, higher bonuses, trading signals, account managers, and bonuses. Of course, the more you deposit, the better service you get. But it’s all fictive without regulations. Anyway, the options are: 

Important to realize is that this investment firm doesn’t reveal any fees or commissions. So, how do they make money then? Without Midasfxtrades regulation, be sure it’s only from your deposits. Otherwise, the company would be much more transparent about many things.

In fact, yes. Welcome bonuses of up to 25% are available with the company. Yet, without transparent T&Cs, traders are left without bonus policy access. Anyway, you can’t expect anything legitimate from such a firm.

Considering negative reviews and lack of regulations, you can forget about withdrawals. As you can see, this firm is using a tax withdrawal trick to extort the last money from traders. Once they get it, they vanish.

That’s exactly what you want to avoid. But if you see that the company doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy and conditions, is there a reason to invest there? Absolutely no.

Wherever you are coming from, you can always report the company to local regulators. Thus, that won’t get you your money back. The best option any trader has is a chargeback or some alternative refund method. It all depends on the payment option the customer was using.

To know exactly what your next step should be, we offer you the first free consultation. Get in touch now and book yours! Don’t let illicit brokerages get away with your money.

Midasfxtrades is an anonymous investment firm operating allegedly from the United States. But instead of 9 years, they are active only for a bit more than two months.

Not at all. They are not licensed by any trusted authority. On top of that, traders already reported scamming activities with this company.

Surely. You can share your experience with us and our refund team can build you a refund strategy. Get in touch today to find out your options.

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