MG Partners Group AG Review – Unlawful Firm Destroys Future Prospects

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MG Partners Group AG specializes in investment management and portfolio building, equally available for startups or professional investors. In truth, the platform is far from being run by a professional collective with more than 20 years of experience and is just another blacklisted investment fraud. 

Read this MG Partners Group AG review to learn the truth about what financial authorities have to say about this faux firm.

MG Partners AG, the parent company, is supposed to be located in Switzerland. Not providing any proof of license made this anonymous firm immediately suspicious.

They constantly pester people over the phone, and use manipulative methods to get victims to invest ever increasing amounts. The issue is, finances only work one way- once the victim has deposited, it’s impossible to recover without professional help. You may rely on our chargeback experts to resolve such issues for you.

The MG Partners Group AG platform is marketed as a technological wonder that is ultra lucrative in the hands of the financial management team. Alas, nowhere does the website reveal how this software looks or what its abilities are. What’s worse, account making is not an easy process and you have to send an inquiry to the service provider first and hope for an offer. 

Investing is here allegedly facilitated by a wide range of instruments that clients can choose from. The most popular financial products groups available are the following:

Instead of having a separate web page that explains how customers could invest and have their investment plans organized, the site requires you to send an inquiry. You can adjust the plan time length and the value of the investment and the firm will provide you with an offer. Here’s what you can choose for your MG Partners Group AG account:

It’s unclear how much the alleged MG Partners Group AG services cost. The Terms & Conditions imprint says that the firm charges commissions instantly after a duty is performed, but they don’t say about the amount of fees.

Additional fees apply on a quarterly basis, but again, nothing about different amounts or percentages. Our experience with such unlicensed entities tells us that the con artists will invent large hidden sums to undermine paying any profits to their clients.

Unlicensed companies are not bound by any law, and do not adhere to regulatory standards. Any services they allegedly provide are just a cover for the con they are running.

In the end, all profits are completely fictitious, and the clients are denied any payouts. For help with MG Partner Group AG withdrawal, get in touch with our legal experts through the live chat, and book a free consultation.

This faux investment firm is a known fraudulent entity blacklisted by multiple regulators. The services they allegedly offer are all a pretense, and these never-do-wells are only after your money!

Investing with such firms is always ill-advised. If you have any funds invested with this company, consider booking a free consultation with our team of professionals. We have ample experience with cases of online frauds, and are here to help with your MG Partners Group AG chargeback.

This is a false investment services firm that allegedly operates from Switzerland.

No, this entity is actually blacklisted by the Swiss FINMA and holds no valid financial license.

The shady platform doesn’t reveal any of the costs and commissions they charge. Neither those that occur during trading or upon transactions and payouts.

Please contact our financial support team that can advise you on how to get your funds back. No withdrawals are otherwise allowed by this firm.

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