MeeFX Review – Dishonest Broker Stealing Money on Every Corner

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MeeFX is one of those companies that are playing on the lack of experience cards. They are luring newbies that don’t have any clues about the trading world. With their alleged registration in the UK, they sound legit at first glance.

However, digging deeper you can find out many discrepancies about the broker. Read this MeeFX Review carefully to learn how to protect your funds.

Firstly, the company claims to be registered in the UK. However, to provide CFD and FX services there you must have an FCA license. On top of that, the company claims to be regulated by the US NFA. However, checking the mentioned registers you quickly realize that all these are bogus lies.

Also, another fact that confirms this investment scam is the company leverage of 1:2000. In addition to that, the company offers bonuses. In fact, there is MeeFX no deposit bonus promotion where you get bonus funds without depositing. If they are really UK-based broker, all this wouldn’t be possible.

This is where it gets tricky. Only on Trustpilot, there are already 224 comments about the company. To be honest, many of those have the highest rating. However, it might be fake as the whole company.

In general, what raises suspicion is that the broker provides traders with documentation in a foreign language. Also, some traders reported withdrawal issues. Which wouldn’t be surprising for the broker that lies about regulation. If you had any issues with, get in touch to start the refund process.

As can be seen, the broker gives different promotions to traders. This way they ensure to get their contact details. Consequently, they will harass you whole, whether you deposit or not. Their goal is to extract more money from traders.

They are using the UK as the background for their legitimacy, but also MT4 trading software. However, such things don’t define the MeeFX broker as reliable. The only thing relevant is regulation. That’s why we encourage you to contact our team and get assistance in getting your money back.

The Main MeeFX login screen is generally in Indonesian. Also, the website is translated into many Asian languages. Therefore, it wasn’t hard to determine that they are mainly scamming traders from:

Once you accept MeeFX no deposit promotion you can get access to MT4 software. Indeed, that’s the leading software in the industry.

Also, you can use many advanced features and have the highest reliability. However, with the MeeFX regulation missing this becomes completely irrelevant.

On the positive side, there is a mobile app available. Whether you are using iOS or Android mobile device you can download the app from a dedicated store. Yet, there are Tier 1 licensed companies with way more security measures available compared to the MeeFX scam broker.

Financial instruments with MeeFX are quite standard. Even though they provide the main 5 instrument classes, those are irrelevant if the broker is fraudulent. Anyway, you can choose between:

Whether you accept or not the MeeFX welcome bonus, you can choose between two accounts. Those are:

Important to realize is that for both options you can choose an Islamic account. Yet, other conditions are quite risky. Starting with leverage.

To sum it up, yes. Traders can get a demo MT4 account with a MeeFX broker. Still, you have to complete a full registration. Consequently, you can expect to be contacted by the fake MeeFX support team.

As mentioned above, the clear sign this is not a UK-based broker is their leverage. The maximum allowed in the UK is 1:30. Also, in the US you can get a maximum of 1:50. Thus, they give traders up to 1:2000.

Spreads advertised by the broker might or not be true. They start from 1 pip for the Standard account. However, other trading fees and costs are not disclosed.

If you want to do MeeFX withdraw of the funds, prepare your nerves. Considering their bonus policy and obvious lies about address and regulation you can expect troubles with withdrawals.

Primarily because they might use a shady bonus policy that prevents you from withdrawing your money. That’s the main trick and other scam brokers are using.

In the first place, let us know about your experience. This way you can prevent other traders from getting into their trap. The second step is to analyze your options for a refund. Many traders in similar situations opted for our expert advice.

Most importantly, you don’t have any obligations. The first consultation is free of charge and you have nothing to lose. This broker already took your money. It’s up to you if you will let them get away with it or not. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!

No. The company is falsely presenting certification from the NFA. Also, they don’t have any other trading licenses, especially not from the FCA.

The company provides UK phone numbers, e-mail and live chat option. But the quality of their support and response is not reputable.

MeeFX is an anonymous FX and CFD brokerage that is mainly scamming traders from Asia.

The company provides access to Meta Trader software. Besides the trusted platform, traders had issues with the broker. If you had any, contact our expert team for assistance.

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