Mbofx Review – Bad Photoshop Skills Didn’t Get Them Anywhere

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Mbofx is a shallow website owned by a group of Stock Photos models that sell questionable services. These are related to binary options trading and crypto exchanging. The major issue is the false regulations presented in the form of ridiculously bad picture edits. 

Almost a year old domain isn’t widely known and tries to remain fully anonymous not to catch the attention of authorities. We’re here to bring the scam to light, through the following Mbofx review.  

It isn’t anything new to see scammers fabricate licenses through editing pictures. The poor edits that Mbofx has uploaded to their website is supposedly their permission to conduct the suspicious business. What Mbofx clearly doesn’t know is that CFTC is the US regulatory body they need a license from. 

Binary options trading is a concept banned in most of the strictly regulated areas, due to its risky nature and the fact it represents borderline gambling. Only several markets are still open for such endeavors in the US and they’re severely regulated.

The scammer behind Mbofx has their company registered in London. Or so they say. However, that is one of the markets where binary options aren’t legal. There’s no way this sham is operating there with a permit. In the end, that address could be entirely fake, and made up to make Mbofx come off as credible and professional. 

Exploring the scam a little more thoroughly has led us to victims online reporting about irresistible Asian women lurking Tiktok for victims. Naturally, it doesn’t start with proposing the scam deal immediately. These extremely well-trained and patient scam agents hiding behind the photos of good-looking people will work on establishing their emotional dominance and control over your feelings first. 

Once you become emotionally attached, they will introduce the scheme. That’s when the real nightmare starts and your bank accounts end up drained. Ultimately left skint, you can’t do anything to restore your cash. 

That’s why you better act quick. If you’ve already invested, do contact our support for directions on how to start a chargeback and get your funds back immediately.  

It’s only expected to see the investors from more developed areas led into the scam system. Unfortunately, because of their investment capabilities, they become easy targets. The key is to thoroughly check your investment deal before putting a single penny into it. For now, the most of the Mbofx victims come from: 

It isn’t quite clear what trading platform Mbofx uses. Or if they have any at all. The website advertises a state-of-the-art mobile trader that should equip you with the fastest execution and best trading tools. There’s two links for download in the Apple and Google stores.

Sadly, if you click on one, you get a 404 error. The other one is an unsafe download. So you are either left without a platform or at risk of infecting your machine with malicious software.

The products traded at Metaverse Binary Options exchange platform with questionable functionality are crypto currencies against USDT. In that sense, the site mentions BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, BCH/USDT, LTC/USDT, DOGE/USDT as available pairs. 

Many other crypto coins should also be unlocked, but we cannot confirm that in any way. If we had to take the Mbofx word for it, we’d rather choose a more reliable platform to invest in.

What’s for certain is that you can’t even open a trading account with Mbofx unless you have a promotional code. Mbofx doesn’t elaborate on other account types you could potentially buy. What the single account type features is not known and the website doesn’t, in any way, discuss it or reveal anything. 

Mbofx website hasn’t published any of the mandatory legal docs. These should clarify the trading costs, commissions and the general prices of all the services. Because Mbofx isn’t a legal company, no regulatory directive is there to follow. 

Therefore, this gives them space to manipulate their victims, both in terms of information and prices. Completely untransparent and shady, this platform can’t be trusted not to charge additional fees that are totally unreasonable and higher than any profit you make.

There’s two types of advertised sources of income. First is the one you get in the amount of $5, as long as you’re a registered user. Mbofx doesn’t specify how often you can get this bonus, but it’s supposedly withdrawable. 

Besides that one, there’s an invitation bonus you get upon referring new customers. If your referral deposits $100, you will both get $20 as commission. Many dastardly schemes want you to believe this to be a stable source of income for you, while it’s actually the method they use to gather new victims by having others do all the work.

Mbofx strategically allows you to make a small withdrawal in the beginning. This is done to convince you that withdrawing profits is available. Then you will start investing more, expecting to make another withdrawal with far greater profit made. That’s where you lose the mind game. 

The most crucial thing in avoiding scam is to act as soon as you start suspecting something is going on. Remaining calm will help you judge the situation better and seek adequate help in solving it. Our team of chargeback experts is always at your service. All you have to do is leave a message or chat us up via live chat option. Booking your first consultation is free of charge, so there’s no need to make additional costs when you’ve already lost enough to scammers.

Mbofx is a false binary options trading and crypto exchange platform. They’re a scam and have no license whatsoever.

This firm is not regulated by any authority. They claim to operate from the UK, but FCA has not licensed them. The website shows a couple of poorly edited pictures of a license that have no meaning or value.

The best move to ensure your withdrawals is to contact legal support which we have available.

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