Review – All Their Conditions Lead To The Same Thing

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The first thing you notice about this broker is missing ownership details. Even though the company shares its address in the Netherlands, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily true.

But with registration in 2023, nothing much is expected from such a shady broker. To see their complete offer, security measures, and risks involved, read this review carefully.

With their address in Europe, you would expect them to follow some regulations. At least complying with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). But no. They don’t even have domestic AFM regulations or any other Tier 1 ranked. For instance, UK FCA, Australian ASIC, or German BaFin.

Generally speaking, all the complaints are regarding withdrawal issues. That’s where our refund experts can help you the most. Ultimately, the choice is yours if you want to get your money back.

The whole business works around account manager manipulations. Everything about this broker is fraudulent. Starting with trading conditions and security.

But the worst part is their scamming bonus policy. Their agents will nicely present you with bonus deals. But, that will make withdrawals almost impossible. Still, don’t worry, that’s why you can use chargeback. You can book a consultation with our experts to get assistance around it.

If you were also one of those, feel free to contact us for refund options.

For a company that claims to have advanced platform technology, it’s strange to hide it. But if they don’t show it transparently, most likely, it’s a bogus web trader with only a few trading tools. 

Also, it’s suitable for this scammer to manipulate market data and extract that way more money from traders.

According to the company, you can trade all 5 main categories. However, without access to the platform, all that is questionable. Potentially, you can trade with: broker has 4 different account types. Yet, the only benefit shown in the classification is regarding exclusive and premium events, dedicated teams, and other false promises. But of course, they expect you to deposit more money.

Those accounts are: 

Important to realize is that this fraudulent broker doesn’t reveal any trading costs whatsoever. This is quite insane for a trading firm that claims to offer top-notch services. Especially ones coming from Europe. But run if you see leverage higher than 1:30 from a European broker.

Bonus credit is also available with this broker. Yet, they don’t reveal it fully transparent. Instead, they hide it in the T&Cs. But of course, to withdraw any funds, you must reach a minimum trading volume: a deposit plus a bonus multiplied by 30.

Of course, one of the conditions to make any withdrawals is the KYC verification. And that’s where the broker can make up anything they want as a request. Allegedly, they are processing a withdrawal within 2 business days.

Since the broker is not regulated, you can help other traders first. Leave a comment wherever you can to warn people upfront. Secondly, you can report it to authorities, and they can issue a public warning. Lastly, you want your money back, understandably.

For those options, you can book a consultation with our refund specialists. Whether you need chargeback assistance or CipheTrace to find your crypto. To start today, get in touch as soon as possible!

Not at all. The company is fully anonymous without any trusted licenses neither from the Netherlands nor anywhere else.

No. The company is completely mysterious about its trading software and for that reason, you should avoid them.

According to the company, they accept cards, wire transfers and cryptocurrencies. But it’s suggested to use cards with any broker due to chargeback availability.

There are no precise fees presented by the broker. Since withdrawal issues are expected, feel free to contact our chargeback specialists for help.

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