Market Equity Review – All The Key Features and Main Pros and Cons

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Market Equity broker is registered in a few countries. However, the primary entity, Market Equity INC, is registered in Vanuatu. Besides, there are entities in Kuwait, Belarus and Malaysia.

With clients mostly coming from strictly regulated countries we are surprised by the safety of this broker. Continue reading this comprehensive Market Equity Review to find out why.

However, to trade with UK citizens they must have an FCA license or TPR. Yet, the Market Equity platform doesn’t have such licensing. Not even any other Tier 1 regulations like BaFin, ASIC or CFTC.

Practically, the company’s sales are based on its regulations and the safety of the funds. However, their trading conditions and funds protection features don’t match strict regulations. VFSC cannot simply oversee internationally operating brokers.

With this in mind, you know that you can’t enjoy the maximum protection. Therefore, we always suggest traders opt for domestic brokers with trusted Tier 1 licenses. Feel free to let us know if you experienced anything extraordinary with this broker.

Operations started in 2017 and the company quickly expanded between the east and west coast. For a company that exists for 4 years, it’s hard to believe there are no online reviews. Yet, analytics say that their traders mainly come from:

On the positive side, the company offers an advanced Meta Trader 5 platform. It’s a dream for traders because of its many different features. Such as hedging, one-click trading, multi-chart view, social trading and Expert Advisors and many more.

Surprisingly, the company is missing popular cryptocurrency assets. Luckily, there are other 5 classes available. Generally, enough for anyone to find suitable investment options. Those are:

Market Equity account types don’t present anything significant. Only a few are available with minor differences. On the positive side, all account types are eligible for switching to an Islamic account. Also, all accounts require the same minimum deposit of $100. Those are:

To sum it up, yes. With the MT5 platform, it’s quite easy to register a demo first. Which might be suitable to determine the expenses of trading with any broker. But sometimes, demo and live accounts might be different.

Market Equity background activities might be a potential issue. The company provides highly dangerous leverage of 1:500. In combination with missing negative balance protection your balance can be wiped off in seconds.

Spreads start from 0 pips for the ECN account with $8 commissions. On the other hand, other accounts have spreads from 1.4 pips and $0 commission. As for the fees, the company charges up to a 5% deposit fee, which is quite high. Especially if we compare the broker with Tier 1 licensed ones that have 0% deposit fees.

As far as we can see, it’s not available. Yet, offshore brokers don’t have strict regulations and adaptations are often possible. Therefore, be careful if you get any bonus offer from any broker.

In general, it should be. But without a fully transparent Market Equity withdrawal policy, it’s hard to determine the conditions for a withdrawal. Mostly trusted and Tier 1 licensed brokers have transparent processing time, withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amount. Without those, everything is open for speculation and you can expect potential issues there.

Most problems with brokers are solvable with the authorities. To be precise, with regulators. However, offshore regulators are often not rigorous as FCA for example. Therefore, traders that had any issues often go with alternative ways.

For that reason, we want to inform you that our specialized team is available for consultation. Whether you need advice about the safety of the funds or the refund process, you are at the right place. Don’t risk your money more than you need. Get in touch today and book your first consultation for free!

Yes. But the company only holds offshore license issued by VFSC, but none of the Tier 1 group.

The minimum deposit requirement with a Market Equity broker starts already at $100.

The withdrawal fee is not disclosed by the broker and might present a potential issue. If you experience any, feel free to contact us for advice.

The company offers high leverage and no negative balance protection. This is highly dangerous. On top of that, there is no compensation fund if the company goes bankrupt.

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