Lusate Review: How the Company Bailed Investors on Payday

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 Lusate is an unregulated investment firm that failed to provide investors with crucial details. The website was shut down on the payout day for compound interest packages, and the company reappeared under a new domain.

 There are a lot of reasons for this specific Lusate review. Namely, the company has had significant investments from its clients who have purchased compound interest packages. The payout date was the 15th of June, the very same date this company shut down its website and disappeared.

If you’re one of the unlucky investors of this MLM scam, continue reading until the end. We may be able to assist.

Lusate presents itself as a brand of Lusate Inc., an Irish-based investment company. Allegedly, the firm has been in the business since 2011 and has over 3 million investors. And yet, they fail to provide essential background details, such as a company registration number and a license.

For more details about this bogus company, keep on reading.

We believe that many more comments are about to come, explaining what happened and how people lost their money. Don’t hesitate to share your story if you’re one of them. It can help prevent others from falling into similar fraud.

Lusate advertises itself as an investment company with millions of investors. They claim to partner with Brinker Capital, Allianz, Investa Property Group, and many other genuine firms.

Using such ads, they’re luring customers into investing. Their latest offer concerns NFTs, a hot digital art market. With it, they differ from traditional investment firms and can promise higher gains to their customers.

As we had a chance to see, these promises were empty. Lusate prompted each client to bring more customers, friends, and family. And yet, once payout day came, they bailed like any good MLM scam.

According to a traffic analysis report, the majority of Lusate scam victims come from:

Since the firm once already bailed, you have no guarantees it won’t happen again. Stay away, and don’t invest a penny in this fraudulent company.

According to its new website, the company offers the following investment products:

However, we have no way of verifying whether your money will really be invested or if you will be presented with some fake portfolio showing growth. And then, when the payday comes, the company will vanish as it already once did.

Lusate is not very transparent when it comes to the investment process. They don’t disclose what the minimum investment amount is, what are the expenses, and the fees. They also didn’t mention taxes.

All in all, it seems odd that you need to hand over the money without understanding your net profit. This is just another reason to avoid Lusate and find a genuine investment company.

Another thing we’re missing is the payment options. Once you choose the investment product, we don’t know how to transfer the money and whether you will be paying something for the transfer.

Simultaneously, we know nothing about withdrawals. Can you get your money earlier? Will you pay any penalties? Are you locking your money, or is it a liquid investment? All these questions are not answered.

We’ve tried contacting the Lusate support team using the email they provided on the website but never got a response. According to reviews, the phone number is currently unreachable, so you cannot even request a payout. Great way to do business.

If you find yourself unable to get your money from Lusate, it’s important to take the first steps quickly. You need to contact the company and save every response or lack thereof for the authorities. Then, you need to contact your bank and request your money back.

Global Fraud Protection chargeback experts can help you with this matter. We can assist you with preparing a detailed report for the relevant regulators and law enforcement. Book a free, non-obligatory consultation, and let us evaluate your case. Then, we will be able to advise on future steps.

Lusate is an unregulated investment company. You should avoid it by all means, and if you already invested, we might be able to help with fund recovery.

Lusate doesn’t mention withdrawals or payouts of any kind, not even in their legal documents.

If Lusate scammed you, you could reach out to Global Fraud Protection for help and free case evaluation.

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