Limbo Finance Review – Limbo Of Lies, Deceit And Financial Disdain

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Limbo Finance vows to be “everything you need to enjoy trading”. Moreover, they also claim to enjoy the reputation of the best brokerage around, with most promising conditions. 

To counter such ridiculous fabrications, we have enough information to immediately change your mind about this trading service. Read our Limbo Finance review to find out.

For a company to be legitimate, claims about their excellent service simply aren’t enough. A valid Forex license is mandatory. 

Acting as if they make trading as easy as child’s play, boiler room agents representing the company will have you believe an array of promises. 

Each and every single one of them is carefully thought through to sound as believable as possible. From trading being easy and super profitable to their platform and account managers doing all the hard work instead of you, you’re easily manipulated into depositing. 

All the investments go awry and you will not be able to recover your cash unless you ask for legal support. Our company provides such service.

These nations were particularly affected by the fraud:

The simplicity of web-based terminals is what allows the financial swindlers to alter and control the data shown. This is done for the purpose of creating an illusion of profit accumulation in customers, which ultimately leads to more investments.

The assets are divided into categories, and we can see a large selection, including the most popular ones:

Albeit the Limbo Account account types being labeled as rich in features and adjustable to every type of trader, they’re just not. 

What makes the packages even less attractive is that there’s only a limited number of trades you can open before you’re forced to buy a new account. The con continually extorts money this way, without the victims even noticing. Here’s how the prices go:

As soon as you create a Limbo Finance login, you will gain access to the web trader. The trading parameters detectable there match the website promises.

Except the dreadful fact that the maximum leverage of 1:200 contradicts the EEA regulations. Trading costs start at 3 pips on EUR/USD which is several times higher than industry average. 

There’s also a trading commission, which the platform doesn’t reveal but declares to charge by directly deducting the sum from the client’s account balance.

Each account type brings an involuntary bonus added to it. That’s a common scam trap to prevent all withdrawal attempts.

You see, the T&C doc states that you have to execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x25 in order to be able to attempt to withdraw anything from a credited account.

The fraudsters never intended to let their clients pull any money out of the platform. Contact our legal experts in order to start a chargeback. You may reach us via the live chat, and our first consultation is free.

The idea of being scammed isn’t welcome and feels quite devastating. However, if you act promptly and get help in combating the cyber thieves, you can restore your funds quicker than you’ve expected! 

If you find yourself unable to withdraw investments from shady trading platforms, we urge you to contact our chargeback experts. By using the Online chat feature, you can book your first consultation completely free of charge.

Limbo Finance LTD is allegedly an online broker, but the company is completely illicit.

No, the company has already been placed on the BaFIN blacklist because of fraudulent activity!

Clients may opt to deposit via bank card payments (VISA, MasterCard), or direct cryptocurrency transfers (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDT ERC20)

While there are allegedly no withdrawal fees, the company has invented hurdles to prevent clients from withdrawing. Contact our experts to start a legal action against Limbo Finance and begin your chargeback.

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