Ktxenr Review – Facts That Many Traders Quickly Oversee

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This crypto brokerage doesn’t bother sharing some of the key details about the company, such as ownership, contact or address. Yet, they expect you shamelessly to trust them with your funds.

On top of that, with their fresh registration in 2023, they don’t evoke much credibility. Not to mention they are not regulated. This and many more irregularities you can find in our in-depth Ktxenr review.

Ktxenr crypto brokerage is an absolute scam company. They don’t have any regulations whatsoever. We tried looking at top-tier registers but the results were disappointing. None of the institutions like FCA, BaFin and ASIC hold any records of this company.

However, the company’s mysterious approach and lack of transparency will get them on the record. But only on the warning list. Even though they claim to offer powerful API and the latest safety measures, you can forget about it. That’s just a trick to get you on board.

Practically everything is based on manipulation. The company tries to make themselves attractive and legitimate. Yet, when it comes to delivery, they fail heavily. Ktxenr mainly offers crypto trading services. Also, they accept only virtually anonymous crypto deposits.

So, everything is perfectly planned for their crime. To extort your money and vanish. If you are one of those victims, don’t wait to contact us for refund advice.

Surprisingly the company is targeting countries that don’t have any connections whatsoever. Those are: 

Both of those are strictly regulated and don’t allow scammers to defraud their citizens. Yet, if you are one of those you can find your refund options with our experts. Book your meeting today!

The first thing you notice is that the company doesn’t allow access to the platform. Therefore, all their tradeable features and platform remain unknown. Even though they mention API features, most likely that’s just another fake thing about the company.

Without more details about the platform, we can’t confirm the presence of mobile apps. With their poor design and non-transparent approach, most likely they don’t have it. Instead, traders would need to use browsers to access their accounts and trade.

Another non-transparent thing about the company is the instrument’s availability. Even though they mention a couple of options, unless you log in you won’t find more details. Anyway, potential options are:

It seems that all of the features with this brokerage are only transparent to registered users. But that way, you are exposing your contact details to a swindler. 

Generally speaking, if you leave your phone with them you may as well register on a hotline. That’s how many calls you would get.

For a company that offers only crypto, they have insanely high leverage. With 1:25 that is provided to traders, your faith is determined already. The balance of your account can be wiped off in seconds and you wouldn’t even notice it.

On top of that, the company doesn’t have other trading conditions transparently visible. Therefore, you can expect a vast of manipulations.

By looking at Ktxenr T&Cs we couldn’t find any records of a bonus policy. Most likely there is no bonus available. But keep in mind that’s an easy way to manipulate traders and prevent them from withdrawing the funds. Primarily because clients don’t read policies.

Another thing missing in the T&Cs is the withdrawal policy. As it seems, the company only accepts USDT as the funding method. Therefore, once you send them the money, it’s gone.

Since the company is not licensed, contacting regulators would be pointless. Especially because this brokerage is prioritizing crypto investments. But what you can do, is to use our CipherTrace, track your crypto transfer and apply for a refund.

Of course, getting access to this technology is not an easy thing. But through the first free meeting with our experts, you can find out all the necessary details. Get in touch now and book yours!

Not at all. The company is not licensed and doesn’t offer any transparency about ownership, contact or address information.

The company offers shady crypto investments without any credibility or regulatory backup.

Not at all. Without regulations, you can’t expect any funds protection measures.

In fact, there is none. So, they can make up anything they want to prevent you from withdrawing. If that happens, contact our refund specialists immediately for advice.

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