Kaarat com Review – Great Marketing Scheme For A Horrible Forex Scam

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Kaarat com seems attractive and inviting at the first glance. The company has active profiles on social networks as well. Wait ‘till you read their Terms and Conditions, however. All the odds are stacked against the investor, and Kaarat com is a machine for stealing money.

Follow the rest of our Kaarat com Review as we make an in-depth analysis of how this scam company works.

Kaarat com is allegedly incorporated in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The company address they have posted on their website is incomplete, as it lacks the street and the number.

Kaarat com does mention a company incorporation number, however. Neither the company name, nor the incorporation number coincide with any entry with the FSA, the main financial regulator at SVG. What this means for us is that Kaarat com is not a legally registered company.

Additionally, the FSA has ceased regulating brokerages, prompting companies from SVG to seek a license elsewhere. We’ve also searched other regulator registers, namely FCA, ASIC, FINMA, NFA, BaFIN, New SRO and FSMA. None of them had any information about Kaarat com, confirming that Kaarat com is unregulated.

The Kaarat com fraud is active on Facebook and Twitter, and uses Review Seller Networks to flood the internet with fake reviews. This sets the stage for Boiler Room Agents.

These agents pester the people over online media, email or through phone calls. They use the alleged reputability of Kaarat com to promise their victims the world. They pretend to be financial insiders, with deep knowledge about the market.

Their real job is to squeeze the money out of the client. If you have invested funds with Kaarat com, consider seeking help from our legal professionals in order to recover your assets.

These nations are preferred by Kaarat com fraudsters:

Kaarat com only offers the most basic Web Trader to their clients. They say that this is a very secure and reliable platform, but many people complain that Kaarat com manipulates the market data. Unfortunately, we could not test the platform first since our Kaarat com Login failed.

Web Trader is still used by regulated brokers as well. It’s not their primary platform, as the current industry standard software are cTrader, MT4 and MT5.

The advertisement for the Kaarat com mobile app sends you to a dead link. There isn’t enough info on the kaarat.com website to direct us to an actual App Store or Google Play page.

Most likely, these apps are just false advertisements. If they are actual software, we doubt that they are any better than the web trader. Better skip installing it on your device.

Allegedly, Kaarat com offers a selection of over 1200 trading instruments. We could not ascertain this to be true, however, as their website does not disclose the entire lineup of assets. Since we were prevented from accessing the trading application, we couldn’t dig up much info.

Here is what Kaarat com advertises:

Kaarat com offers tiered accounts that are very expensive to fund, and there is no demo. Unfortunately, we were prevented from creating a Kaarat com Login, due to the server error on their side.

Let’s have a look at the minimum deposits:

If that wasn’t bad enough, their accounts will be charged dormancy fees after a day of inactivity! Accounts that were inactive for more than 30 days are terminated without notice, and the client funds are void. That’s what it says in Terms and Conditions.

The company charges all sorts of hidden fees as well as commission, and the company has the right to change them without prior notice. This allows Kaarat com to drain the customer’s funds at any time, and for any reason.

Reading the bonus policy sent chills down our spine. The clients may elect to withdraw only after meeting certain trading volume requirements. Otherwise, the client profits and bonus will be void, and their account will be blocked or terminated.

These trading volume requirements may be changed at any time by Kaarat com, without prior notice. This is the main legal excuse for Kaarat com to steal the client funds.

Judging from what we’ve seen in Terms and Conditions, Kaarat com is not inclined to let their money withdraw money. Many people already complain about Kaarat com blocking their withdrawals, and deleting their accounts.

We are aware how serious the issue of Kaarat com Withdrawal is. Contact our legal experts today, and book a free consultation session on how to recover your lost funds.

The people behind Kaarat com are professional con artists. Their company is neither registered nor regulated. The Terms and Conditions are fashioned in such a way to prevent clients from withdrawing their money.

Scammers like Kaarat com have become a common menace on the internet. Our legal professionals have ample experience in dealing with these frauds. Contact us via the live chat, and book your free consultation today. Your money is not lost yet, so don’t give up on it!

Kaarat com is a fraudulent broker with fake company registration, and no license.

No, Kaarat com is a front for a financial scam! Contact us today to find out how to recover your money from these frauds.

Allegedly, Kaarat com is located in SVG, but there is no information in the FSA registry about the company or their whereabouts.

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