Just2Trading Review: A Legit Broker Or Just Another Scammer?

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Just2Trading, supposedly a Forex and CFD brokerage platform, offers a good-looking website full of promises of a wealthy trading career. However, we investigated a bit deeper and came to some shocking conclusions.

Therefore, we recommend you read our Just2Trading Review to learn the truth about this platform and why it is a terrible choice for your investments. Learn how you can request a chargeback and retrieve your funds!

If you want a reliable provider, we suggest you find a licensed brokerage or investment firm that operates under the supervision of a renowned financial market authority such as the FCA (UK), CFTC & NFA (US), ASIC (Australia), MAS (Singapore), IIROC (Canada), etc.

In order to obtain a regulatory license in Europe under ESMA, brokerage, and investment firms must have a minimum operating capital of 730,000 EUR.

Furthermore, their clients must receive negative balance protection, a segregated bank account in a top-tier bank (e.g. UBS), a safe leverage cap for retail clients (1:30), and a compensation scheme contract of up to 20,000 EUR. You won’t benefit from these perks if you trade with unregulated providers.

Each of these countries has different financial market regulations in force. European giants such as Germany are known for heavy regulations. As mentioned, the Estonian FI regulator blacklisted the con artist earlier this year. 

Just2Trading offers a rudimental web-based trading platform with basic features and an oversimplified interface. Aside from charts and indicators, there is not much else. If you want true trading experience, you should find a licensed firm that supports credible and renowned third-party software such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or cTrader.

The illicit broker did not include a risk-free demo account, meaning that we had no way of checking out the platform unless we created a live account and invested real money into it. 

Just2Trading’s maximum leverage scales from 1:200 to 1:500, which is significantly high and risky. While leverage may amplify potential profits, it can also magnify losses and lead to devastating results. 

Trading costs, i.e. spreads and commissions were not disclosed, which raised concern. The fraudulent broker also awards users bonuses, from 30% to up to 200%. But, these pesky “incentives” do not come without a price – users must achieve a certain turnover before becoming eligible to withdraw funds. 

The Client Agreement stipulates that the “size of the mandatory turnover is equal to the amount of the bonus multiplied by his leverage,” which is completely insane.

Just2Trading listed three available methods that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds:

The minimum deposit requirement is 250 USD but the minimum withdrawal amount, as well as the deposit and withdrawal fees, were not disclosed.

In case you desire a refund, a chargeback is the best solution. If you deposited funds via MasterCard or VISA credit/debit cards, you can request a chargeback at the issuing bank within 540 days of the transaction. 

As for wire transfers, you can request a recall but only if the transaction has not gone through yet. We can guide you through the process so please book a consultation with us.

Just2Trading is a virtually anonymous trading scam, allegedly based in Romania. The main targets included traders from Germany, India, and Belarus. The scheme was exposed earlier this year by the Estonian FI.

We stressed the importance of regulations and why it is better to trade under jurisdictions supervised by top-tier financial market watchdogs.

If you cannot withdraw your funds from this platform, please book a free consultation with Global Fraud Protection. We boast a team of skillful professionals who can assist you in the fund recovery process and get your money back as soon as possible.

Book your free consultation today and get your money back.

Just2Trading is an anonymous web platform that offers high leverage for Forex and CFD trading.

No, this company is illicit. The Estonian FI issued a warning against it in March 2023. Call us if you cannot withdraw your funds.

Just2Trading offers five live trading accounts – Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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