JT24 trading Review – Reasons Not To Believe Them Anything

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If you didn’t notice on their website, ownership details are missing. Even though they are using a UK phone number, most likely they are not there. Otherwise, they would proudly present it. Note that T&Cs reveal that the governing law for any disputes is one in the Marshall Islands.

Generally speaking, nothing that would keep your funds safe. But there are many more you can find in this comprehensive JT24 trading review.

In the first place, the JT24 trading platform lacks transparency. Without any licenses presented, you can’t expect any funds protection feature. But to make sure this broker is not genuine, we searched for their regulations. Primarily in Tier 1 regulatory databases like FCA, BaFin and ASIC.

Therefore, you can forget about any smooth operations here. Considering these statements from other traders, you can only have trouble. If any problem occurs, our refund experts are available for consultation.

Since account types contain trading signals you can expect auto-trading software as their main pitch. Once traders join, the investment company will do anything to keep you as their client. With their shady WebTrader, they can manipulate market charts and make it look like you are winning.

Yet, whenever they decide that it’s enough, they can make it like you lost everything. In any case, as long as you are not withdrawing anything, you won’t have issues. But the nightmare starts once you request a payout. If that happens, contact our chargeback experts immediately!

The broker doesn’t reveal when they started. Yet, their domain seems to be registered in 2022. In such a short period, they spread all across the world. But, they’re mainly targeting and scamming traders from:

If you were also one of those, contact our team for refund advice.

Key features of this brokerage are based on their WebTrader. However, they will offer Sirix trader in the beginning to make themselves look legit. Slowly but surely they will make a transition to their favorite platform.

For anyone who enjoys trading on the go, you can choose jt-24.com iOS and Android apps. But, the lack of advanced features like social and copy trading, might be a dealbreaker. In any case, there are far more interesting features with other technologies.

In general, instrument availability should be the least of concerns. Especially if you are trading with regulated brokerages. But with JT24 trading everything is questionable. Anyway, the company claims to offer:

Important to realize is that the minimum deposit requirement is $1.000. Yet, for an anonymous firm that’s quite a costly start. More importantly, in exchange for nothing. The options are:

More irregularities are coming with the company’s trading conditions. Or if you like, the lack of it. The only transparent information is the leverage. Which goes up to 1:1000 and can delete your account balance in a blink of an eye. Besides, none of the other costs are revealed.

Generally speaking, withdrawals are science fiction for their clients. The company designed everything to prevent those. After all, they are not here to help you but to rip you off. 

Of course, the processing time is extremely long. Up to 9 business days, which gives them more than enough time for manipulations. Especially with their non-transparent fees.

The first thing is reporting it to the domestic regulator. Secondly, you can apply for a refund. Depending on your transfer method, you will have different options.

For detailed guidance, we suggest you book a meeting with our professionals. The first consultation doesn’t cost you anything. But it can reveal the path to getting your money back. Get in touch today!

Absolutely not. The company is anonymous, operates without a license and has two warnings from regulators.

Apparently, the company offers a web trader and Sirix platform. But without a demo account and with a high minimum deposit, it’s hard to test it.

There is a UK phone line and e-mail available on workdays 9 AM – 5 PM GMT.

The withdrawal fee is unknown to this company. Therefore, you can expect a wide range of manipulations. If that happens, contact our refund expert immediately.

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