Isa Investment Review – Key Features And In-Depth Analysis

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Isa Investment broker is one of those expecting traders to trust them blindly. But inexperienced traders often do so, they crack under pressure.

Yet, if you know what you are looking for, it’s very easy to determine whether the broker is legit. For that reason, we are bringing you all the details on the plate in this Isa Investment review.

Considering this, you can forget about any funds protection features, starting with negative balance protection, segregated funds, or compensation schemes.

Considering missing regulations, that’s quite an expected outcome. If you were also one of their victims, don’t hesitate to contact us for refund advice.

Most likely, this broker offers automated trading software. If you look carefully at their account types, you’ll realize they are offering VIP signals. That’s a standard cover-up for fake auto-trading software.

In any case, without funds protection measures, any kind of trading is risky. Not to mention fake technology. If you recognize yourself in such a situation, you can book a free consultation with our experts.

If you were one of those, don’t wait anything and contact our specialists for refund assistance.

Instead of trusted third-party options, the company offers a proprietary web-based platform. To compare it with MetaTrader or cTrader would be an insult to those developers. 

In any case, you can only use basic trading and analytical tools. But don’t forget that web traders are the best choice for scammers due to the manipulation availability.

You can see their whole offer since access to the platform is available. Isa Investment company offers nothing you can’t find with other licensed brokers. Those options are:

With Isa Investment broker, you can choose between 7 account types. Yet, none of those give you financial benefits. Instead, they offer you more trading signals and free withdrawals. The options are: 

Another clear warning sign is missing trading conditions. In fact, this broker doesn’t reveal any. Not even the leverage they are offering. The only potentially visible detail is the spread that starts from 0.2 pips. But all that might be different on live accounts.

To prevent traders from withdrawals, Isa Investment uses a shady bonus policy. Once they provide you with a bonus, you have to reach the minimum trading volume to get any withdrawals.

In this case, the bonus amount divided by two gives you a number of standard lots you have to reach. For a $100 bonus, that’s $50M in trading volume.

Considering missing regulations, fraudulent bonus policy and untrusted software, it’s practically impossible. The broker is completely anonymous and provides unreliable contact options.

Primarily, you should always report the broker to the authorities. But in the end, you want your money back, right? For that reason, our refund specialists can provide you with the first free consultation.

Most importantly, without any obligations. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But get in touch now to book your first meeting.

Isa Investment is an anonymous offshore brokerage that has been operating since 2023 in the FX and CFD markets.

No. The company is unregulated and there is a warning from a trusted FCA regulator issued against the company. If you experience any issues, contact our refund specialists immediately.

The company offers 7 account types that require higher investments but without any advantages. Those are basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and black.

The company offers assets like many other scam brokers. Starting with forex, commodities, indices, shares and crypto.

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