Is Assistance Refund a Legit Chargeback Services Provider?

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We assume that you first want to know and understand if Assistance Refund is a legit chargeback company. Unlike trading brokers, chargeback firms don’t need special regulation, except in the UK. This matter is strictly under the FCA’s control so that customers won’t fall victim to chargeback scams.

While the company doesn’t technically need a license, it does need to provide potential customers with basic information about the owner and the headquarters. It’s imperative for any firm aiming to be involved in the financial business.

And yet, Assistance Refund doesn’t do so. The company’s legal documents direct you back to the main page, but we weren’t able to find a single mention of their owner. We did, however, find that there’s a connection between Assistance Refund and MyChargeBack, a brand we reviewed earlier.

The customer in question elaborates on the fact that he was contacted by MyChargeBack and another brand, Payback Ltd. Seemingly, all these brands work together to try and lure clients into a chargeback scheme. According to this review, the person in question paid $36,000 for Assistance Refund services without seeing any results.

According to our analysis, the majority of their customers come from:

Once you register for the service, you will be prompted to pay a certain fee. This fee is allegedly used to cover legal services, investigation, etc. However, as you saw, it seems that you will get no value for the money.

According to their obscure website presentation, Assistance Refund can help victims of:

As you can tell, most of these schemes are related to online trading. What we lack is details about their assistance. How do they help? How do they evaluate the case? Who are their employees?

Nothing of the above can be found on the website. Furthermore, there’s no price listing, meaning that you will need to submit your personal details, book a free consultation, and only then find out whether or not you can get assistance with the refund process. Sounds like a bad deal.

Another thing that surprised us was the lack of Assistance Refund contact information. Namely, we could not find a phone number, email, or any social media account. The only way to get in touch is by submitting an online request and waiting for the company to get back to you. In addition, there’s a live chat with the trading bot that collects your details and transfers them to actual agents.

This is another red flag, as you cannot get assistance when necessary. The reasons to avoid Assistance Refund just keep piling up.

To summarize, Assistance Refund is an anonymous company claiming to assist customers with chargeback procedures and fund recovery. However, they don’t tell us anything about the owner, legal jurisdiction, not even contact information.

Therefore, we believe this is yet another chargeback scheme. If you fall victim and lose your money to their dishonest business practices, it’s not the end. You can start an actual chargeback procedure and request to be reimbursed. Reporting the scheme to the relevant authorities and your bank is important.

In addition, you can book a free consultation with Global Fraud Protection. Our specialists use proven software, such as CipherTrace for crypto forensics, to help you recover money. Don’t let scammers keep your hard-earned cash.

Assistance Refund is an anonymous chargeback company to avoid. If you have already been caught up in their scheme, it’s important to report it immediately. Book a free consultation, and we might be able to help.

Assistance Refund hides its owner and headquarters, leading us to believe it’s not a legitimate chargeback company.

This information and many others are missing from the Assistance Refund website.

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