IRA Crown Review – Nothing But Thieves, Crooks And Frauds

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IRA Crown owns a one-page website that doesn’t seem like it was created, or maintained by a professional. Many interactive and animated elements don’t respond, or show a blank space. The IRA Crown login server is completely inoperable.

No matter the state of the website, the company is as crooked as they get. Find out more about online frauds in our IRA Crown Review.

As you may have noticed, their nature of business is listed as “Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified”. This is how the IRA Crown scam tries to avoid the legal constraints imposed on brokers. The fact of the matter is that Companies House is not the foremost financial regulator in the UK.

As you will see later in our IRA Crown Review, this fake broker is active outside of the UK as well. This would necessitate multiple licenses. We have confirmed that IRA Crown does not hold a license in any jurisdiction by searching the registers of NFA, New SRO, ASIC, FINMA, BaFIN, CySEC and FSMA.

The website traffic of is nearly non-existent. It is clear that the IRA Crown scam does not use its website as a primary means of advertisement. There are no online reviews or testimonials, so it’s apparent that the scammers use other methods.

If you have invested money with IRA Crown, there is still hope. Reach out to our legal experts and begin your chargeback through the live chat.

The scam website was launched in 2019. As we already mentioned, the fraud is active outside of the  UK as well.

Here is where these scammers are searching for new victims:

IRA Crown offers MT4 and MT5 to their clients. This is the current industry standard software, in use by the majority of online brokerages.

Unfortunately, with IRA Crown these platforms do not operate as the original developer intended. Neither the MT4 or MT5 connect to the IRA Crown data server. Instead, they connect to the MetaQuotes Demo server, which serves as a demonstration of the programs’ functionality, and does not represent actual trading conditions.

The same problem is present with the IRA Crown mobile apps as well. These are the same MT4 and MT5 demo versions that are available for desktop users.

It seems that it’s either impossible to see the true trading information found at IRA Crown, or the company has some hidden software that we have not been able to access.

Allegedly, traders can access a variety of different instruments on the IRA Crown. Since the website is broken, the actual list of assets is not available.

Here is what little information remains about IRA Crown tradable assets:

Here is what these accounts cost at IRA Crown:

There is some sort of a demo on IRA Crown, but it doesn’t belong to the company. Instead, it’s the demo for the MetaTrader platforms.

These demos are not operated by IRA Crown, but by MetaQuotes. Thus, they do not reflect actual trading conditions on IRA Crown, and cannot be used to test the trading environment.

When we review the overall trading conditions at IRA Crown, we can see why the company does not have a license. They offer leverage of up to 1:1000, and the maximum leverage in the UK is set at 1:30.

Trading costs are not exactly cheap. Spreads are 1.3 Pips, which is above the current industry average. The commission is set at $8/Lot, which is somewhat pricey as well.

When it comes to fees, taxes and other charges, IRA Crown is silent. Their Terms & Conditions don’t say anything about how much deposits, withdrawals, or rollover costs. We only know that these costs exist, and that’s the dangerous bit.

Having your money trapped with a financial scam is never a fun ordeal. To start your chargeback from IRA Crown, contact our legal experts via the live chat.

Nothing good can be said about the IRA Crown scam. Their company registration is just a sham to provide a semblance of legitimacy. In reality, this broker is a good for nothing thief, and not much else.

Don’t feel discouraged if you have deposited funds with the IRA Crown scam. There are still means by which you can recover your assets! Our team of recovery experts are on hand to help you along the way. You may contact us at any time via the live chat, and book a free consultation.

Although IRA Crown is legally registered, they do not have a valid regulatory license.

Allegedly, IRA Crown offers MT4 and MT5 to their clients. The reality is different, as these are simple demo versions of the software and lack full functionality.

The only demo available with IRA Crown is provided by MetaQuotes instead. It does not reflect IRA Crown’s market conditions.

No, IRA Crown is an illicit company that is likely to withhold your withdrawals. If you have any issues with IRA Crown withdrawal, feel free to contact our team of professionals in order to start a chargeback.

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