Investix Trade Review – In-Detail Analysis, Key Features and Flaws

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Investix Trade claims to be registered in the UK under the name Investix Limited. Luckily, that makes everything easier, especially to determine if they are legit or not.

Considering too many Investix Trade complaints, you can’t expect anything good. Therefore, before throwing any money away, make sure you read this Investix Trade review carefully.

The first thing you notice about this company is that they are lying about regulations. In fact, the brokerage presents a fake license number for the UK regulations. Yet, the FCA register doesn’t have such a company in their database.

Not only that, but the brokerage doesn’t have any other top-tier licenses, for instance, BaFin, ASIC or CFTC. So, if you hear from their agents about funds protection features, don’t trust them. Without regulations, they are able to say anything they want. Their goal is just to get you on board.

Considering a total of 60 comments on Trustpilot, that’s quite a big number of scammed customers. If you are as well one of those, reach out to us for funds recovery advice.

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t reveal many details about its offer. Therefore, you can expect only manipulations from their side. Whether through ads, fees or trading software.

In any case, you can’t expect anything spectacular from a trading firm that is practically anonymous. They don’t even offer reliable contact options to make clients more comfortable. But be sure they will offer you maximum assistance for deposits. Yet, for withdrawals, you can only hope. And if you have any troubles there, contact us for assistance immediately.

All unregulated brokers are there with one goal. To steal your money. If this happens, reach out to professionals for funds recovery.

What makes this investment firm even more suspicious is its trading software. No, they don’t offer cTrader or MetaTrader, primarily because with those options they can’t manipulate data on your account. 

Therefore, once you register with this company you can get access only to an Investix Trade WebTrader.

Another unspecified feature of this company is its asset offer. Practically, the page doesn’t exist. Therefore, without a demo account, it’s hard to check anything. Anyway, we can only assume they offer popular options like: account types don’t have any significant benefits with higher deposits. On top of that, the difference between the Basic account and the next one is only $24,750.

As for the benefits, you can get webinars, certified accountants and specialists and some other fake features. Anyway, the options are: 

Important to realize is that this brokerage doesn’t reveal any fees. But without regulations that’s irrelevant. Anyway, they will try to take everything from you.

But to be honest, there is one condition known. Or at least we think it is. You never know when the company might change it without you noticing. The leverage goes up to 1:100 while all EU regulators allow a maximum of 1:30.

Of course, withdrawals are never easy with scam brkoers. Primarily, it takes 5 business days to process it with the Investix Trade. But of course, they have a disclaimer saying you might need to provide additional documentation. 

Considering a lack of regulations, you don’t have many options. Anyway, you should share your opinion in our comment section below. At least you can help other traders avoid this trap.

However, the most important to know is that you can get a refund. It only depends on which method you will use. But our refund experts can guide you step-by-step through that. Yet, before that, you can have your first free consultation with us. Book yours now!

Absolutely not. The company is not regulated nor does it provide trusted software or reliable trading conditions.

The only option with this broker is to use their web-based platform with zero credibility or transparency.

In fact, they don’t. Which is one of the main disadvantages with this anonymous unlicensed broker.

Considering their shady policy, most likely forever. But if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and refund assistance.

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