Investing Haven Review: This Is Far From A Safe Haven For Your Investment

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Investing Haven, or previously known as Invest Haven, is a fraudulent company with a warning issued by the Austrian financial authority. This unregulated investment firm is supposedly operating from Vienna (Austria) and New York (USA). Needless to mention, they keep selling their products and services without any regulation and official license from a jurisdictional or any other regulatory body. 

While pretending to be your gateway to financial success, the Investing Haven scam is just another one of those financial swindlers desperate to make some pocket money. They will even claim to do all the hard work for you, while you can just enjoy your newly obtained Forex achievement and count your profit. Sadly, if that was in any way possible or as easy as it sounds, everyone would be a Forex expert earning millions of dollars. 

Still, despite the official warning, missing license and all the other evident website discrepancies, Investing Haven continuously attempts to hold onto their unscrupulous conduct to earn money from defrauding. Our Investing Haven review exposes their motives and all the sophisticated techniques they use, so you can learn to avoid them and protect your funds accordingly. – inactive

The fact that there’s a public alert issued against this firm speaks volumes and answers the burning questions about their legitimateness instantaneously. As the Austrian authorities have confirmed, Investing Haven is not a regulated company with the legal permit to sell their services to the Austrian traders. You can read the full warning here:

Shortly after the publication, the scam agency changed their name from Invest Haven to Investing Haven. Not like that saved them or helped them remain anonymous and keep robbing traders like nothing happened. In search for more public warnings, or possible licenses, we looked through other databases where it made sense to look. 

Firstly, CFTC and NFA are the leading financial institutions in the US that regulate derivatives trading and various investment schemes. While CFTC issues licenses, NFA has a public members list where Investing Haven isn’t included. Also, since their Terms of Service doc claims that the company operates under the laws and regulations of England, we went through the FCA register. The UK’s financial watchdog also doesn’t seem to be familiar with Investing Haven. 

To clarify all doubts, we also combed through the CySEC, ASIC, CONSOB and CNMV databases and found not a single piece of data about Investing Haven. 

When it comes to customer testimonials, the reputation of Investing Haven is abysmal. More than two thirds of personal reviews are from people who have been defrauded by the company. The small number of reviews that are positive have been created by traders who are new to the platform.

Here is what the clients of Investing Haven have to say about the company:

I waited weeks for them to release my blocked account. Block my access to funds, blocked my access to communications. […] “

This “company” is just a big scam. Look out for “Mia Davis” +44 7915 617306. Financial Market Authority, Austria/Austria has issued a warning! “

I’m still waiting for a call from Invest Heaven. When the colleague from Kevin asked me to share my screen with him he started to be impatient and hung up the phone. He never called me back. […]

We can clearly see that Investing Haven is a fraudulent company. If you have deposited money with this firm, do not hesitate to contact our legal experts. We have ample experience with resolving issues like yours, and we would like to hear your story. Contact us via the Live Chat, and book a free consultation today.

The Investing Haven website is well made, but it is not the main means of attracting new clients. People known as Boiler Room Agents call the potential victims via telephone instead. They are very persuasive, and quite patient.

Boiler Room Agents won’t stop calling and soliciting their foul business for days, and promise everything and anything that would encourage a person to deposit money with Investing Haven Scam. If you block one phone number, they will switch to a different one and keep calling.

It has come to our attention that the Investing Haven solicitors also use remote access software such as AnyDesk or Teamviewer. These programs have become very widespread during the COVID pandemic, as they allow companies to have online meetings, and share their work. Unfortunately, they can also be used for remote access.

Once you have given your consent to a person using either of these programs to access your computer, they can remotely manipulate your files. Swindlers are known to exploit this, and lock and encrypt the files you have stored on the computer’s drives. They can and will extort you for money, promising to return your data after you’ve paid a racket.

If you have been contacted by somebody who introduces themselves as Investing Haven employees, consider sharing your experience with our advisors. We can provide guidance and support in recovering your lost money in the case you have already deposited funds to the Investing Haven Fraud.

Investing Haven does not have any trading license, and they are not bound by legal jurisdictions. It is because of this that they are bold enough to offer their services worldwide. This Forex trading fraud is active in many regions, and mostly targets the citizens of more well-off nations.

Here are the nations that are most affected by the Investing Haven Scam:

The scheme has been active since late 2022, but it has grown rapidly in that short amount of time. We have heard complaints from people all over the world about their mishaps with Investing Haven. We’d like to offer our services in financial recovery to everyone who has become a victim of the Investing Haven fraud. Feel free to connect with our legal professionals through the Live Chat.

Investing Haven claims to be able to do complex information gathering, finding, analyzing, testing and delivering the latest investment info to help you build a rich portfolio. The firm makes it seem like your accurate and successful financial decision making is unachievable without their help. In that sense the advertised services this shady company allegedly provides are the following:

One of the main services Investing Haven is offering to their clients is to participate in different blockchain network solutions. Blockchain technologies are a recent development, and not a lot of people know or understand in which manner they function exactly.

This is what the agents of Investing Haven are counting on. They present these Blockchain Networks as a holy grail that will inevitably multiply your income. There are some educational materials about these technologies on the Investing Haven website, but they are far from what you can call reliable. A simple wikipedia article contains more information, and is far better at explaining this complex topic.

It is quite possible that the Investing Haven are building a Blockchain Network of their own, a so-called Private, or Permissioned Blockchain, using the client’s computers. They can rent or sell this network to any 3rd party that has a need for such a solution, all without the client ever knowing how Investing Haven is using their hardware.

This 3rd party can make further use of the Blockchain for any number of illicit and nefarious purposes. These can be somewhat benign like launching a new Crypto Coin, but can also range from hacking to corporate espionage, and the Investing Haven clients would be none the wiser.

Investing Haven is a fake investment firm that doesn’t provide educated financial advice but takes customers’ money and gives nothing in return. While these do not function like your typical broker dealer, they too have their ways of manipulating customers into putting money into something only to watch them lose everything. 

Lying about investment opportunities and leading clients into making the wrong decision and investment moves is another form of fraud. Although somewhat less popular than fake securities dealing, it is just as financially damaging as any other form of scam.

If you’ve been tricked into pouring money into one such scheme, please do not hold back from seeking the help you require. Getting your funds back is always possible with the right means. And we have them. Our legal experts have the knowledge and the experience to force the swindlers to give back what they’ve stolen. Contact us today and book your free consultation!

Investing Haven is a fraudulent investment firm that gives false advice and defrauds traders. They have been blacklisted by the Austrian FMA, which confirms their unscrupulous intentions.

This company is not safe for investing, as they will purposely lead you to make wrong investment moves so you can lose the money they plan on putting into their own pocket.

Because they’re anonymous and lack transparency, Investing Haven doesn’t disclose this information on their website. Joining is not possible without contacting the support first and sending a request for an account opening.

Oftentimes the only way to successfully recover your funds is by using the help of educated and well-trained recovery experts. So contact us for such help.

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