Investing Capitals Review – Better Not Invest Capital With These Frauds

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What the website does really good is hide the true intentions of this company. It is done by a professional, and all the features function perfectly. Of course, that’s what it’s made to do – fool people into thinking a reputable company lies behind it.

Unfortunately, the company is as crooked as they get. Read more about the dangers of this scam company in our Investing Capitals Review.

Investing Capitals is a known fraudulent entity. The type of a fraud this scam conducts is a so-called Clone Company Fraud. This means that Investing Capitals is actively adopting company credentials of another, regulated firm which is completely unaffiliated with Investing Capitals itself.

The scammers instead try to piggyback on the reputation of a regulated broker. In this case, the company that is being copied is Quantum Brokers Limited, which is regulated under the FCA.

The issue with unlicensed companies is that they don’t provide the risk mitigation measures implemented by regulators. These range from Negative Balance Protection, Client Fund Segregation, Leverage Restriction, or a ban on bonuses or other constraints.

Of course, there is always a danger that an unlicensed firm will simply steal the money and make a runner, because they answer to no-one.

The Investing Capitals scam claims to be a reputable company with many years of quality service. Their TrustPilot page, however, tells a different story. The company only has 14 reviews, out of which 79% are overly negative.

Here are a few examples of what Investing Capitals traders have to say:

“ I want to begin with the poor account management, it is highly overrated. After depositing in your money it all turns into a mirage. Withdrawal becomes a challenge. “

“ Yes scammers.. I’m just curious how this is still published to public eye and looks so legit. God forbid never use it, fake everything.. “

“ fake trading website, scammed me out of 21k USD investment and 55k trading profit. “

It is unfortunate that so many people have been defrauded by these con artists. If you have invested funds with Investing Capitals, our legal experts can help you recover money from these fraudsters.

The website doesn’t have enough to attract people to the platform. The scammers behind Investing Capitals employ Boiler Room Agents to get people to invest.

Boiler Room Agents are the main solicitors of scam companies. They are those who call and pester people by phone, encouraging them to invest.

It is common for these agents to have a role of an “account manager”, that offers various financial advice to their marks. Their job however, is not to help their clients become successful, but rather to make them lose their entire investment.

One of the more outrageous claims that Investing Capitals disseminates is that they have been in business for over 45 years! We need to remember that online Forex and CFDs trading was only implemented in 1996.

The website was launched only in 2022, to the audiences in these nations:

Investing Capitals claims to offer a variety of different trading platforms to suit different preferences of their clients. This is far from true, as the only available platform is a Web Trader.

The Web Trader is convenient for the scammers, as they can easily manipulate the market charts and cause their clients to lose money.

This Web Trader of theirs also features automated trading to make the clients lose money that much more efficiently. Although a mobile app is advertised as well, it’s nowhere to be found with Investing Capitals.

The financial instruments offered by Investing Capitals reflect those of a legit brokerage. We can find all the more popular instruments on the platform, albeit in a much smaller number than you’d expect from a regulated firm.

Here are a few examples:

This is what Investing Capitals accounts cost:

A demo account is not available with Investing Capitals.

One of the regulatory breaches with Investing Capitals is the amount of leverage they offer. The cheapest account types feature a low leverage of 1:3, but this skyrockets to 1:200 on more high-end accounts. Current max leverage in EEA is set at 1:30, while in the US this is 1:50.

Exchange commission varies between 0.5% to 0.3% depending on the account types. The most expensive of all the fees are withdrawal fees, that can go up to 10% for select accounts.

Investing Capitals also charges an undisclosed amount of rollover fees as well. Some assets have spreads as tight as 0.0 Pips, while others can go as loose as 5.26 Pips.

Investing Capitals offers different amounts of bonus funds for more expensive account types. For instance, Gold accounts receive a 30% deposit bonus, while for VIP the bonus is 50% of deposited amount.

These bonuses always come at a greater overall cost. Many scam companies impose trading volume requirements that are impossible to achieve before allowing a withdrawal.

Judging from all we’ve seen so far on Investing Capitals, this company is quite reluctant to let their clients withdraw. Allegedly, clients may opt to withdraw via Bank Wire, Bank Cards, or Cryptocurrency Transfers.

If you have any issues with Investing Capitals payouts, book a free consultation with our chargeback experts for more information on how to recover your money.

The people behind Investing Capitals are total frauds, plain and simple. The company is a clone of an FCA authorized firm, which means Investing Capitals is trying to push another company’s legal information as their own.

If you have deposited assets with this illicit company, consider seeking reimbursement through legal channels. Our legal experts are on hand to help with your efforts, and you may book a free consultation with us at any time via the live chat.

No, Investing Capitals is a dangerous clone company scam!

Investing Capitals allegedly offers trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Spot Metals.

No, Investing Capitals is an unlicensed company. If you have already invested with Investing Capitals, consider seeking legal aid in recovering lost assets. You may contact our chargeback experts via the live chat.

Allegedly, clients may contact Investing Capitals through email, phone, or a contact form on their website. Unfortunately, Investing Capitals are not known for answering.

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