Inverforx Review – Only Strategy Employed Focuses On Stealing Funds

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This unregulated investment platform would like to earn your trust based on claims about enabling you to earn huge passive income in no time. Allegedly specialized in international investment strategies, this shady financial service provider will have you think their products are innovative and their wealth consultants indeed skillful.

If it was indeed so, then there would be no need for several prominent regulators to put this company on a blacklist for selling their products and services unpermitted. 

Please read this Inverforx review entirely, so you could equip yourself with enough knowledge and information not to fall for this attractive investment trap.

Operating in the financial niche means that every service provider is required to first acquire a license, then sell their services. In the case of the Invertforx scam, the website only wishes to leave an impression of professionalism and grandeur with false statements. 

Who wouldn’t like to earn extra cash just from doing nothing and having someone skilled trade in their stead? That’s one of the first lies that a talkative boiler room agent will try to lure you in with. Unfortunately, reality works differently. 

While all the claims about high bonuses and annual returns may seem like heavensent, none of them is true. All that the scam agents want is to get you to invest and they will not shy away from using any lie under the sun to make you do so. Even if that means practicing emotional manipulation, mind games and endless phone calls. 

While it’s usually that less experienced investors that fall for the fake promises of high passive income, no one is immune if they’re handled by a skillful enough fraudster. 

Take a look at the list of countries where there’s been the highest number of defrauded investors since the company start in 2021:

Don’t feel ashamed for seeking help after being scammed – we offer legal support for all tricked investors who’d like to take their funds back.

Under the excuse of not wanting to bother customers with trivialities like trading, the site doesn’t even enable a trading platform. Instead, the swindler wants you to rely on their alleged experienced Forex professionals to trade for you. Who these traders and wealth managers are is completely unknown. Soon enough you’ll realize that no functional platform exists at all.

Another aspect where the website lacks in offer are the financial products available for investing in. Besides Forex pairs (allegedly around 50 of them), the service provider doesn’t even mention any other tradable asset worth investing in via their portal. 

Such a poor choice of instruments is characteristic for unscrupulous firms. These are the only available assets:

Without providing much information about any of the packages or the deposit requirements, the Inverforx accounts go as follows:

Besides worthless claims about certain passive profit, these packages do not feature any other information. The lack of transparency is evident in this case as well. 

Yet another alarmingly poorly explained part of their service are the fees. Not only are none of the trading parameters revealed, but the costs of other services are left unsaid, too. 

Since none of the legal documents exist, we can only speculate about the potential costs. These are surely astronomical, since that is usually the reason why the company remains silent about it all. 

Not informing the customers about the trading values, taxes, and commissions is a serious transparency breach in the eyes of every reputable EEA regulator.

By now, knowing that this trading firm is blacklisted is only normal, considering how shady they act and treat customers.

The sole point of suspicious investment schemes is to get customers to invest hefty amounts of money and wait on their annual return. By the time the withdrawals should be processed, the thieves have already gone with your money. What helps them preserve their anonymous status are crypto transfers. 

Every other untrustworthy setup will urge you to deposit in crypto. These transactions are almost untrackable and you cannot issue a chargeback. That’s why you should contact us for alternative methods of money recovery. 

We understand that not all victims of fraud are willing to talk about their unpleasant experience with swindlers. However, if you wish to get back at these miscreants and not let them earn money off your financial disdain, you should speak up. 

Right after reporting them to the jurisdictional authorities, you should also get legal support in a chargeback process. Our professional legal advisors are capable of guiding you through every step of the way so you can get ahold of your lost funds again.

Our agents are always available via the only chat, or you can simply use the form at the end of the page to book your free consultation.

It is an illegal financial service provider in the form of an investment scheme. If you need help to restore your investment, you should get our legal experts to aid you.

No and several Tier 1 financial authorities have put them on their blacklists of unlicensed schemes.

There’s none of the platforms available on the site.

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