Review – Latest Scam Project Launched From Gray Zone

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Traders and investors that decide to test their trading luck with this Forex dealer will only meet financial disaster and disappointment. Firstly because this fictitious firm doesn’t virtually exist to provide the promised services. Secondly because their sole orientation is based on deluding victims into huge deposits that they later stuff their own pockets with. 

So please pay close attention to our review, as we present the disturbing results of a thorough investigation.

To get more people to join their faux platform, the swindlers use so-called boiler room agents. These agents are persuasion experts, who contact their mark usually by phone.

The conversation usually revolves around a fictitious finance professional persona of the agent, who seeks new investors by offering lucrative deals and opportunities. In this case, it is an effortless trading environment where anyone can make a profit no matter their background.

Not only are the dangers of trading heavily downplayed, the real danger lies with the fact that once a deposit is made, the victims are not likely to see their money back. We can reverse this seemingly one-sided deal, so contact our legal team for help with recovery of stolen money.

The fraudsters cherry pick their targets by blocking the site in many of the nations with lower incomes. Their targets are heavily regulated areas:

The site boldly proclaims that they’ve created a trading platform superior to the industry standard MT4 and MT5. This sounds especially fishy considering that there’s around two decades of incremental development invested in these platforms.

Other than the outrageous claim, there’s not a single trace of trading platform to be found. No advertisements, no demo, nothing but a few screenshots that should persuade us of the app’s quality.

Not much is said about the trading assets on the site, besides that there’s more than 300 of them. Since there is no platform to speak of, we couldn’t check first hand which instruments are available.

Here’s a brief overview:

It seems that the greed of these cybercriminals knows no bounds. Their cheapest account type already costs an arm and a leg, but wait ‘till you see the full offer:

Compared to the current industry average minimum deposit of $10, this is a total rip-off. To justify these incredible expenses, more costly accounts have some benefits such as risk free trades, and higher leverage.

There’s a whole hierarchy of fees charged on everything you do on this platform. Standard trading costs like spreads are claimed to be 0 pips, which is entirely fake. Leverage isn’t even mentioned anywhere. 

While there’s hints about the firm rewarding clients with a cash bonus of 100% occasionally, it is not known what rules define that. The company can, at its sole discretion, add bonus funds to your account. 

Although that seems generous, be wary of the rules which say that “no withdrawals are permissible until a trading volume of 1 Lot of the bonus is achieved”.

It would be easier to say that payouts simply don’t occur. After all, this is a blacklisted, offshore scheme with no license to perform any bank transactions or other transfers of any kind. 

The payment procedure allegedly starts with clients submitting withdrawal requests, which are then processed within 3 to 5 business days. Minimum withdrawal amounts differ depending on the method available. For credit cards and wire, that’s $100. Due to the inability to verify these claims, we can freely treat them as just empty words on paper.

There’s no other way to describe this platform but to call it a total fraud. There’s basically nothing to be found here besides financial ruin. Nothing is transparent or clear, the company lies about their legal information, and the trading application is simply not there.

If you’ve already deposited money to this platform, try pulling it out as fast as you can. We can help with your endeavors, so contact us via the live chat on our site, and book your free consultation today.

It is an illicit operation that disguises itself as a prolific forex brokerage startup.

Allegedly, the company is based in the UK and falls under the jurisdiction of SVG, but in reality this is just another lie.

Yes! We offer tried and tested chargeback methods that yield good results. Get in touch with our expert team today!

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