Integra Financial Solutions Review – Bonuses That Lock Out Withdrawals

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The main domain of this bogus company,, was made by a professional. It features pleasing aesthetics, and at first glance nothing betrays the Integra Financial Solutions ulterior motives.

Links that should lead to the main websites of their listed parent company and management entity lead back to the main page, however.

Our Integra Financial Solutions review will show you why you should never trust a first impression.

Many jurisdictions have implemented strict regulatory measures to protect the client interests. These include segregated bank accounts, compensation funds, leverage restriction and a ban on bonuses, to mention a few.

Integra Financial Solutions breaks these rules with their high leverage, different deposit bonuses and blatant disregard for safety. They are also known to outright steal the clients’ money, and deny a payout.

Next, company boiler room agents pester their marks by phone for days on end, until the victim finally cracks. If someone shows interest, these agents switch to a new role- account manager.

At this point, they claim to be financial experts, and ask for ever increasing deposits. Traders will look to withdraw their alleged earnings in time, and this is when the fraudsters break contact and vanish with the money.

Don’t stay silent if Integra Financial Solutions takes your hard earned money! Book a free consultation with our legal experts through the live chat, and together we can fight back to recover your funds!

They actively target the people from these nations:

There are no advertisements about Integra Financial Solutions trading platform on their website. This came to us as strange, since the app in question is the renowned MT5. Although MT5 is compatible with mobile devices, Integra Financial Solutions does not support mobile trading.

The only time trading instruments are even discussed on is when they mention 1500+ stocks. We could find no trace of these, and since their MT5 is a defunct demo it doesn’t actually contain market data.

The company requires a promo code for registration, and it is impossible for the outsiders to create an Integra Financial Solutions login.

Trading accounts are tiered, and higher tiers allegedly offer greater leverage and larger bonuses. Here are the minimum deposits:

The Integra Financial Solutions risk-free trading does not mean a demo. Instead, it’s an arduous validation process for paying clients who pass a variety of eligibility checks.

The Integra Financial Solutions max leverage is 1:500, which is way higher than the 1:30 allowed in Europe, or 1:50 in North America. Such high leverage can lead to rapid asset loss even with a regulated broker.

There is no information about different fees, or commission. The company says there are no withdrawal fees, but for us this means that Integra Financial Solutions uses various hidden fees to deplete their clients’ funds.

Integra Financial Solutions offers a welcome bonus of 10% to 20% depending on the account type. Bonus comes with a myriad of caveats, like unachievable trading volume requirements.

They also have a time constraint of 44 days, after which the bonus is withdrawn from the account. If the balance is not sufficient, the client becomes indebted to the company.

The con artists at Integra Financial Solutions have tailored their Terms and Conditions in such fashion to prevent any withdrawals. Bonuses, extremely high leverage, and lack of negative balance protection can result in the client owing money to the company.

There is no shame in being entrapped by these pro scammers. If you need help with Integra Financial Solutions payout, contact our chargeback experts through the live chat. 

Integra Financial Solutions is a dangerous fraudulent entity. The FCA and IOSCO have posted public warnings about this faux broker. The company abuses Terms and Conditions to steal the money from their clients.

No, Integra Financial Solutions is an illicit brokerage that operates in many parts of the world.

Integra Financial Solutions gives no information about trading instruments on their website.

Integra Financial Solutions only offers live trading accounts. They are called Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP.

The company says that they don’t charge any withdrawal fees, but many complain that Integra Financial Solutions is not allowing a payout at all. If you need help with withdrawals, contact our chargeback experts.

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