Innovative Traders Review – The Key Warning Signs of This Crypto Scam

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Innovative Traders company claims to be registered in the US by the name CoinFarm OÜ. Thus, experienced traders know that this is a standard name for Estonian companies. But is the company licensed and what exactly do they offer, find in our detailed Innovative Traders Review.

We are sure that you won’t leave disappointed if you stay with us until the end. Let’s get into it.

Practically, the company tries to attract new traders with false statements. Primarily about registration in the US. So, they will do anything to get you onboard. However, the company doesn’t offer a trusted mobile exchange app. Neither do they offer transparent legal documents. Yet, they will try to convince you to deposit with them.

In general, if you experience any pressure from the broker you should avoid it. But if you already deposited some money, we suggest you withdraw it immediately. In case you can’t, you can contact our experts for advice.

Practically, the company doesn’t reveal any details about investing platform. The only thing visible is the TradingView for live prices. However, there’s no option available to check what software exactly is used for crypto exchange.

According to the website, the company offers only 6 cryptocurrencies. It’s not an encouraging offer. But anyway, you can choose from: 

Overall, crypto exchanges offer different account types to motivate traders to deposit and trade more. In exchange, they get lower fees and trading costs. But that’s not the case with Innovative Traders company. They don’t offer any specific benefits to their clients.

On top of all, there’s no demo account available. Even though crypto exchanges don’t offer it generally, you can have insight into the platform. But that’s not the case here. Because the company doesn’t even have a dedicated app.

Innovative Traders crypto exchange doesn’t reveal any trading costs. Not even, at least, taker and maker fees. Not to mention withdrawal fees. But that’s not surprising considering that this company is not even listed on the CoinMarketCap list.

In fact, there’s no welcome bonus available. Neither is any other form of bonus promotion. This is quite a positive thing because bonuses often come with malicious clauses.

Innovative Trader’s withdrawal is quite suspicious. Primarily because of missing legal documents and withdrawal policy. So, the company doesn’t reveal any fees, processing time or withdrawal methods.

With this in mind, you know that you can expect different issues. Starting with verification of your account, AML laws, non-existent fees and many more.

Even if their license is real, that doesn’t make much of a difference. The company doesn’t offer any transparency or protection to its traders. Therefore, you need to rely only on yourself. Luckily, our expert funds’ recovery team can advise you on further steps. Even if you didn’t know, there’s a solution to crypto transfers and you can track them with Cipher Trace Software.

If you want to get your money back from this or any other company, you can get in touch with our team. Most importantly, you don’t have any obligations or costs for the first meeting. So, what’s holding you up?
Get in touch now.

Innovative Traders is a crypto exchange claiming to come from the US, but their origins are in Estonia.

Obviously, no. The company is misleading traders about the headquarters and they don’t offer transparent investment conditions, legal documents or withdrawal policies.

Considering the missing withdrawal policy this information remains unknown. But if you have issues don’t hesitate to contact our team for refund assistance.

The only way to contact this crypto exchange is through e-mail and online contact form.

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