Review – Learn How To Recognize A Trading Scam

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This trading brand is operated by The Infinity Business Brokers Ltd, a company registered in the UK. Allegedly. Luckily, nowadays it’s very easy to discover if the broker is genuine or not. Especially for so-called UK-based brokers.

That’s why we present you in this review all the necessary information. Consequently, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make an educated decision and avoid getting defrauded.

To sum it up, is an absolute scam.  Even before you complete the login procedure, you can see irregularities. Primarily, with a lack of regulatory transparency.

But searching in the FCA, BaFin and ASIC registers didn’t bring any results about this broker. However, considering their fresh registration in 2023, you can only expect warnings soon. After all, the company claims to provide negative balance protection, but without regulations everything is questionable.

Generally speaking, you can’t have a positive experience with an unlicensed broker. Therefore, if any problem occurs while you are trading with this company, contact us for advice. Our specialized refund team can give you detailed guidance for the next step.

Everything about this broker is based on misleading clients. Starting with fake protection, trading software and even conditions. Everything is perfectly designed for you to lose your funds or to make you deposit more.

Just be aware of manipulations with their web trader and don’t trust everything you hear. These guys are trained to delude you into something they want. But if already experienced something like that, feel free to share it with our experts.

For UK-based broker, they have quite a poor software choice. Even though they claim to have 90+ indicators, multi-charts, analytical tools and many more, that’s irrelevant for a simple reason.

Nowadays, more and more traders like to do their trading hours on mobile devices. Therefore, an optimized mobile app for iOS and Android users is a must. However, with scam brokers that are using web traders, it’s very rarely seen. Like in the case of

As for the tradeable instruments, there are 4 classes available. Thus, they are missing stock trading options. Nevertheless, you can choose between: offers 7 different account types. They mainly differ in spreads and leverage. But also withdrawal approval time. It’s kinda strange that only after you start depositing more money you get quicker withdrawals. Shouldn’t that be the same for everyone? Anyway, the options are: 

Considering their extremely high minimum deposit, a demo account would be a great choice. Even though they mention you can register from a button on their home page, that’s false. Such a button doesn’t exist.

The leverage goes up to 1:800. While all EU regulators allow maximum of up to 1:30. Spreads of up to 4.3 pips for basic accounts are 3 times higher than the industry average. But what’s surprising is that the broker doesn’t share transparently other fees and commissions.

Considering the non-existent withdrawal policy, you can expect all the possible issues. Primarily with verification of your account because that’s one of the main tricks to prolong withdrawal time. On top of that, the company doesn’t reveal any fees. So, you can expect manipulations there as well.

In the first place, you should share your opinion about the broker. Secondly, you can contact domestic regulators, but if that doesn’t help our refund specialists are available for consultation. Getting your money back might be easier than you think. Get in touch now to find out your options!

Not at all. The company operates without trusted regulations and funds protection features. offers highly risky investment options without adequate licenses in FX and CFD markets.

The minimum deposit requirement is extremely high and 20 times higher than the average. It starts at 5.000 EUR.

Withdrawal fee is not revealed and without regulations, they can make it up. But if you experience any withdrawal irregularity, contact our experts immediately.

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