im Token Review: What We Know About The imToken Wallet

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imToken is a feature-rich digital asset wallet enabling multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing and secure, private exchange of value. The imToken Pte. Ltd. company was founded on May 2016, in Singapore. 

Although the wallet’s popularity has decayed over the years, our im Token Review still aims to determine whether this company is reliable. The reason why we’re investigating is that we found several complaints and negative reviews. 

First stop – regulatory status. This section will answer the question of whether im Token is regulated by a financial market authority. As we already mentioned, the crypto wallet company was founded in 2016 in Singapore, one of the world’s greatest financial hubs.

The worst experience ever I was stolen over 11000 usdt and they just said that they are sorry but there’s nothing that they can do so I am with the lost and they don’t care at all, worst eve

some one get access to my wallet and get all my money

and the customer support replay too late and they told me we had nothing to do…

few months ago i decided to imToken but the end result wasnt that nice i almost lost my 15k in it…

Aside from the US, these are all Asian financial domains. We will say it once more – im Token is not regulated and has no authorization to operate in any of these countries, especially not in the US where the regulations are entirely different. 

If you lost money to im Token, there are ways to recover it. Book a free consultation with us and find out more.

The imtoken wallet for desktop is available for download for both Android and iOS mobile systems. ImToken started as an Ethereum-only wallet app. Then the company decided to upgrade its platform and include more popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

ImToken also features a token swap option that allows quick token swaps. This inbuilt exchange enables users to swap cryptos or stable coins for free. You only have to pay the im token fees and the fees charged by the Ethereum network. As for the security measures, the company provided an SSL certificate check on the im token login screen.

The wallet has a highly versatile DApp browser, which is short for a Decentralized App browser, enabling users to access and interact with other DApps on a blockchain network like Ethereum. It features a wide range of Dapps, including games and social networking platforms.

im Token features a total of 12 crypto coins. Here’s an overview of the available crypto trading assets,i.e. public blockchains listed on the website:

If you’re having withdrawal issues, please contact us for help. 

Downloading and installing the Im Token app is free. Moreover, the company won’t charge you when you swap cryptos or tokens using their proprietary Tokenlon exchange. But, you will be charged Ethereum blockchain network fees every time you send crypto from the wallet app to another wallet or third-party exchange. 

The higher the transaction fees, the faster the transaction, while lower fees always translate to lower transaction processing speeds. Exact fee amounts were not disclosed on the website though. Further info can be found on the im token support page.

im Token is a crypto wallet founded in 2016 in Singapore and active in several Asian markets. It’s Ethereum-oriented but includes other crypto assets as well.

Book your free consultation today and get your money back.

im Token is a Singapore-based Ethereum-oriented crypto wallet that has been active since 2016.

im Token can be used as a crypto wallet to store crypto assets. The company’s app is available for mobile systems

The im Token app has a withdrawal option, which should show guidelines. If you cannot get your money out, call us.

It can be done via the withdrawal option on the Binance website, or via a QR code scan.

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