IFinanceFX Review – Scammers Offer A Myriad Ways To Steal Your Money

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The main website of the IFinanceFX Scam has changed its appearance, language, and offered services twice over the course of a single month. Whether this was because the fraudsters deemed it not profitable, a shift in target audience, or maybe because it attracted too much heat is up for debate. As it stands, the website is currently unreachable.

We did manage to pick up some bits and pieces, which we will divulge in this IFinanceFX Review.

IFinanceFX claimed to be a multi-faceted company with many alleged services. Forex Broker, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Investment Firm, whatever might seem attractive to the potential client. To make this all seem legit, IFinanceFX cited an authorization from Fincertus, a fake regulatory agency.

As you will see later in our IFinanceFX Review, this company solicited services outside the UK borders as well. This means that they should have been authorized by other financial regulators as well. No matter where we looked – BaFIN, CONSOB, FINMA, CNMV, FSMA and other databases, we found no trace of the company.

The actual reviews are universally bad:

“ Don’t know what to say.. I’ve wasted all my money put a lot of time and effort into making trades with this company and now I have been left without access to my account, meaning I cannot withdraw any money or able to contact them over the phone! […] “

“ We invested back in May. Got few phone calls, helping, rising money, then asking to invest more, several thousands, once we told no, attitude just changed. We did get small withdraw back, as we just tested if its legit in beginning, but now we cant get our money back at all. […] “

“ […] when trying to do this they just make up so many excuses about getting your cash . I have proff off everything I have done with closing it down and also the emails and also voice calls with them . But they just said put in more cash and u can get your money back . […] “

Their alleged line of work is “account manager” or “wealth manager”, but really all they do all day is call people over the phone and seek new investors. In the case of IFinanceFX, they also kept squeezing victims for more money.

The involvement of Review Seller Networks is also present with the IFinanceFX. These are paid individuals who post fake reviews to boost the faux company’s reputation.

The IFinanceFX Fraud was first launched in early 2023. The website has changed considerably in only a month, in order to expand their target audience.

The IFinanceFX fraudsters were after the citizens of these nations in particular:

The people running ifinancefx.com are professional con artists who think they can get away with it scoff free. They couldn’t be more wrong in their life. Contact us via the live chat today, and let’s start a chargeback of your money.

The desktop trading application offered by IFinanceFX is allegedly MT4, which is industry standard software. This is not a sign of quality service, however.

We did manage to find out that IFinanceFX offered a platform for mobile devices, available for iOS and Android platforms. It’s called 4XF, and it has a 1-star rating from a little less than 5.000 downloads.

We quickly found out the reason behind this – it’s a malware platform that spams advertisements and fills your phone with viruses.

We’ve mentioned how, among many other things, IFinanceFX claims to be an online brokerage. They offer a variety of different trading assets and investment opportunities, allegedly. This apparent variety allowed them to defraud more people.

Here are some of the instruments IFinanceFX allegedly offered:

There isn’t any information left about IFinanceFX trading accounts. The way the company calls them “Pricing Plans” leads us to believe that these were recurrent billing based investment packages.

Either way, the IFinanceFX website did not contain a demo account, and neither does their mobile app.

IFinanceFX is notorious for hidden fees. They do not disclose the amounts they charge their commission, how tight the spreads are, or which leverage is available to their clients.

We are aware that the company required withdrawal fees upwards of £2200 to be paid up front in order to allow a withdrawal. This was another part of the scam, and the victim is unlikely to see any of their money back, the fee included.

It has come to our attention that IFinanceFX does not allow withdrawals from their website. Sometimes, scammers would ask for additional money in order to allow a fee. In other cases, when a client would even ask for an IFinanceFX Withdrawal, the agents of the company would lock them out of the site and block their account.

Having your money stuck with an illicit company is not an easy thing to handle. Our legal experts have ample experience in the matter – let us help you recover your money from IFinanceFX Scam.

IFinanceFX allegedly handle all sorts of services, be it trading Cryptocurrencies or CFDs, or offering investment opportunities over a range of assets. For this, they present a fake license issued by an equally fake regulator.

If you are one of thousands of people that got defrauded by the IFinanceFX Scam, feel free to contact us for legal support in recovering your assets. Book a free consultation with our recovery experts through the live chat, and let’s show these miscreants they are not as untouchable as they think!

IFinanceFX is a multifaceted scam platform that allegedly offers a wide range of investment opportunities.

IFinanceFX claims to handle Cryptocurrency Exchange, Forex and CFDs trading, and various investment plans.

No, IFinanceFX is a known fraudulent company. The UK FCA has issued an investor warning about the IFinanceFX scam.

Your investments are not safe with IFinanceFX. If you have deposited money from this company, seek legal action from our recovery experts in order to chargeback your assets.

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