HQBroker Review –Can I Trust This Broker With My Money?

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HQBroker is an unregulated forex and also a CFD broker with a complicated corporate structure. The company that owns HQBroker is Hokkaido Investments Sp. This company claims to operate out of Poland, although they don’t have a license.

Anther company operates the broker, Capzone Invest Ltd. This company operates out of the Marshall Islands, a popular haven from financial regulations.

There are a lot of questions surrounding HQBroker, and we’ll bring new 2023 facts. For a start, the broker website is currently inaccessible due to error 520. It’s unknown when or will it be back. Simply put, HQBroker login is no longer an option.

With that said, let’s dive into the broker’s operations. The company originates from Hong Kong, registering its business in 2017 as Hokkaido Investments Sp. Furthermore, they have a Marshall Islands branch registered as Capzone Invest Limited. 

None of the branches are regulated, meaning the business is illegal. While offshore, the Marshall Islands has an independent regulator, GLOFSA. Hong Kong, on the other hand, has a government Securities and Futures Commission. None of them has any evidence of HQBroker regulation.

The brokerage has received several regulatory warnings. In March 2018, the SFC of Hong Kong issued a warning regarding the unlicensed broker, confirming it’s an illegal firm.

It’s clear that HQBroker is nothing but a bogus scheme, and even if the site comes back to life, you must avoid it.

In Canada, where these warnings come at the provincial level, three provincial regulators put out warnings that the broker was offering services without registration.

These came following similar warnings from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

There are four different account types at HQBroker. They go from Regular up to Platinum. Their Regular account has a minimum deposit of $250.

Users who put down a bigger deposit can get a better account with better spreads. The Platinum account requires a whopping $100,000 deposit.

The broker also gives higher accounts access to higher leverage. Even a Regular account can go as high as 1:400, very risky leverage for inexperienced traders.

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