Hoxton Capital Management Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Hoxton Capital Management is quite a confusing corporation. It takes a while to dig out everything you need to know. Even though there are regulated entities that can be trusted, there is one without regulations.

Hoxton Capital Management Group has multiple entities under its management. However, there’s one exception. It is Hoxton Capital Management FZE that operates without any regulations and presents itself as an affiliate. Indeed, the website has a transparent disclaimer leading to all the regulated entities. Primarily, ones with the FCA, ASIC and SEC license.

That 1% shouldn’t raise many concerns about regulated entities. But if you have trouble working with an unregulated one, please contact our team for a consultation.

Hoxton Capital Management is an investment firm offering a variety of investment options. Not the ones we are used to, like crypto or CFD investments. Anyway, this entity we are talking about operates as an affiliate.

But if you take a closer look, only entity without regulations offers login features. On top of that, there’s a warning from the FCA. All this combined raises suspicion against this company. If you had any irregular situations, feel free to share them with us. At least, our expert team can consult you on the next move.

Seems like some traders experienced a lot of irregularities with Hoxtoncapital.com company. It’s such a shame to put a shadow on such a regulated investment firm. Anyway, their clients mainly come from:

If your country is not on the list, feel free to add it in the comment section. Based on that our team can provide you with detailed advice on further steps.

Considering the shady approach of this entity, we are not surprised there are no details about the investment program. Instead, everything leads to contacting the advisor. That opens up many questions.

The company is not conventional trading platform. On the contrary, they offer different types of investments and advisories, such as: 

Also, another key fact is that the company doesn’t reveal any investment details. There are no minimum requirements and no Hoxton Capital Management account types separation. Practically, everything is open for modification with their advisors.

All the investment costs are discussed with advisors. Therefore,  you can get under pressure to do something that you didn’t think through. Instead, you can opt for Tier 1 licensed companies or brokers and avoid any headaches.

Generally speaking, with regulated entities there shouldn’t be issues. However, the entity without regulation raises suspicion and that’s where you can expect trouble. 

If you experience any issues, but especially Hoxton Capital Management withdrawal issues, you should contact regulators. In fact, the FCA didn’t issue a warning without a reason. However, it can happen that even through regulators you can’t get your money back because that specific entity is not regulated.

In such cases, you should talk to professionals and start the refund process. To find out how that works, you can book a consultation with our expert team. Most importantly, the first consultation is free of charge and non-obligatory.

Hoxton Capital Management Group has multiple regulations. Thus, Hoxton Capital Management FZE we are talking about is not licensed and FCA warns about it.

Generally, the group offers long time investments. However, hoxtoncapital.com is just an affiliate. Or a clone, it’s still unclear.

No. The company doesn’t offer transparent details about investment software or a demo account.

The minimum requirement is also unknown. Whatever it is, some investors reported issues with the company. If you had any, don’t hesitate to reach our experts for help.

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