Guze Markets Review – Dangers Lurking On Every Corner

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If you take a closer look at the Guze Markets website you will find too many irregularities. Starting with their location but also trading conditions. In fact, this brokerage registered in 2022 and claims to be operating from the UK.

Generally, that makes the whole research way easier. But before you make an educated decision we suggest you read this Guze Markets review carefully.

As you know, all UK brokers must have a Temporary Permission Regime (TPR) issued by the FCA or a license. However, Guze Markets doesn’t have any of those. There you go, their first lie. Not to mention that this anonymous investment firm doesn’t reveal any ownership info.

Moreover, the company’s T&Cs reveal they are most likely based in St. Vincent and Grenadines, since their governing laws are there for any disputes. It should be noted that FSASVG doesn’t issue licenses for Forex and CFD brokers. Instead, they should opt for one in the country of service.

Anyway, if you are the one who has a negative experience with the company, let us know. Most importantly, you can reach our experts if you have issues with Guze Markets withdrawals.

The main advantage of this brokerage is their MT5 software. Therefore, brokers can offer auto-trading features, which are never like the ones they advertise. Instead of on-off buttons, you have to set up something after all.

But don’t let the trusted software trick you. These companies in the end never allow you to get a withdrawal. If you have experienced anything similar, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

As mentioned, you can expect highly popular MetaTrader 5. In general, it gives you multiple advanced features, charting options and high reliability. Yet, if you are using it with a swindler it becomes completely useless.

Tradeable instruments should be your last concern. Luckily, with trusted software at least you don’t have to worry about manipulations. But it might get costly. Anyway, offers:

All the account types with illicit brokers are designed to rip you off. Instead of financial benefits, this broker offers you fake educational packages and account manager support. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall for their trick to start as low as $30 for a Standard account.

Besides live accounts, you can’t have any trial period on a demo account. This is highly suspicious considering that a demo offer is a standard deal with MT5. Instead, you may choose a Tier 1 licensed broker with many other safety features.

One of the leading warning signs is the firm’s leverage of up to 1:1000. While other UK-regulated brokers are limited to 1:30. Not without a reason. On top of that, you will get quite costly spreads from 2.2 pips.

Considering that the industry average is 1.5 pips, that’s extremely high for a starting point. Important to realize is that none of the trading fees and commissions are revealed.

So far there are no complaints about the withdrawals. But with their 20% withdrawal fee, you can expect issues. Also, there is a minimum trading volume of 1000 lots.

On top of that, a $1000 minimum withdrawal. All this combined makes the withdrawal less likely possible. Not to mention that’s a standard practice with unregulated brokerages.

Solving the issue with anonymous brokerages is often very simple. Either you apply for a chargeback or look for a refund of your crypto transfers. In any case, the best choice is to leave it to professionals.

Of course, you have to let us know first about your case and experience. Above all, you can book a first consultation for free with our specialists. Practically, you have nothing to lose. It’s up to you if you will leave money with a swindler or you will get it back. If your choice is the second option, contact us now.

Not at all. The company is lying about headquarters and operating without adequate licenses.

This investment firm offers highly popular and reliable Meta Trader 5. But that’s not enough to make a broker reliable as well.

Guze Markets company accepts deposits as low as $30. Quite lower than the average but that might be a trick to get you on board.

The withdrawal fee is insanely high at 20%. But minimum requirements for trading volume and withdrawal amount might be the issue. If it is, contact us for advice.

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