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The only new and creative thing about this scam broker is a website. It may be made by a professional, but it still has “fraud” written all over it. Boiler Room Agents, Review Seller Networks, Referral Programs, all the known scamming strategies are there, including the Tiered Accounts.

With less than a year in so-called business, Guardian Invest has already become a full fledged member of 2 different blacklists. Stay with our Review, and find out more about how scam brokers operate, how to avoid them, and how to charge back the money you’ve invested with them.

Is Scam or Legal?

We can say with great confidence that the website is a front for fraudulent activities. Financial regulation agencies in Romania and Portugal have issued outstanding scam warnings about Guardian Invest. You may view the warnings in question by following the links given below.

ASF Romania Warning:

CMVM Portugal Warning:

Now that we know where we are standing, we need to examine why any unregulated broker can be considered a dangerous entity. Romania and Portugal are both member states of the EU, and as such they enforce their regulatory standards in accordance with the MiFID agreement, which is overseen by ESMA.

Besides the complete transparency required by MiFID, regulators in the EEA require some other risk mitigation measures to be met before they issue a trading license to a broker. A minimum of €730 000 in starting capital is mandatory, as well as a compensation scheme of €20 000.

In the EU, bonuses are banned. There are also constraints when it comes to leverage, where the maximum leverage is set at 1:30. Negative Balance Protection must be implemented for all clients, and the clients’ funds must be kept in Segregated Bank Accounts.

Guardian Invest does not adhere to a number of these safety implements, most notably the maximum leverage restriction. With some of the accounts with, leverage can be as high as 1:100. Due to the inherent risks of leveraged trading, this can be considered dangerous even with a regulated broker.

Of course, we haven’t come across the Scam Warnings about by accident. We have checked the databases of many Financial Regulators around the world, including FCA, CySEC, BaFIN, FINMA, NFA, ASIC, CBR and many more. None of these regulatory bodies, besides the ASF and CMVM has any information about Guardian Invest, which is solid evidence that they are operating without a license. Scam Reviews and Complaints

When you try to search for first account testimonies about the Guardian Invest, the situation becomes clear. In all honesty, there aren’t all that many people who complain. The complaints seem much more realistic than the positive reviews, and they corroborate the Scam Warnings that have been issued by Regulators.

The reason for this is that Guardian Invest use ingenuine reviews written by Review Seller Networks. These are other scam organizations that flood the internet with overly positive reviews in order to boost public trust in fraudulent companies like Guardian Invest.

Here you can see what the actual clients of scam have to say:

“ […] I started trading on the platform( with the guidance of an expert, but I soon realized that he was aggressively asking for more money. I felt uncomfortable with his approach and decided to withdraw my funds. However, when I tried to withdraw the funds, I was called and yelled at by the expert, and my account was subsequently blocked. […] ”

“ 100% SCAMMERS!!! Don’t invest any money with them. They use fake signatures, stamps and names of legitimate persons, but as soon as you ask to withdraw funds, problems arise. They ask for more money for “taxes”, then problems with the wallet… anyway you won’t see your money back… never. Thieves, nothing else! ”

“ Not advised to go near. I couldn’t make any withdrawal. Each time I try they say I have to send a tax payment and after that they come up with another form of tax or fees and commissions. I paid different fees on three different occasions and still could not withdraw. They tell me that over and over again. […] “

If you have been defrauded by Guardian Invest, you should warn other people about your bad experience. We’d very much like to hear from you – you can contact us via the Live Chat any day, and we do provide professional legal help in fund recovery.

How Do These Scammers Manage To Hook People?

We have already mentioned the fake testimonies posted by Review Seller Networks, but this alone won’t attract people to the Scam. This is where other people, called Boiler Room Agents, take the central stage.

Boiler Room Agents have one simple job – squeeze as much money from the victims as possible. They are a persuasive bunch, and they go through the phone book and call pretty much every number in it. When you show an interest, these “Account Managers”, as the scam companies call them, will keep pestering you until you give in and deposit money. also features a referral program, of which you can read more later in our Review.

To make the matters worse, these Boiler Room Agents will insist that you install TeamViewer or AnyDesk software to your computer. Because of the recent COVID pandemic, these programs have become quite ubiquitous, and not many people give them much thought… But you should remember that the swindlers can use these programs to take remote control of your computer, extract and manipulate data as they see fit.

It is not unheard of that the scammers use these programs to extort money from their clients, threatening to delete or publically share sensitive information found on the victims’ computers. You need to remember that a regulated broker will never ask you to install remote access software.

Where Does Find Their Victims?

Guardian Invest is a relatively new fraud, which has only started their foul business in early 2023. They have set their sights on the citizens of EU nations, hoping for a quick profit.

It has become quite common for scam companies to target people in more developed regions. Usually, the swindlers work from nations that are on the other side of the planet, and they believe that this gives them a layer of protection. Another example of such a company would be AWFXBank.

If you have been contacted by Boiler Room Agents, or have already deposited money with this faux broker, we advise you to contact us for legal help as quickly as possible.

Supported Trading Platform

If Guardian Invest were a regulated broker, we would be very much disappointed with their trading platform selection. is a complete sham of a website, however, and we have grown accustomed to seeing the Web Trader with these swindlers. PoloTrade is another fraudulent entity that uses the same software.

Although there is nothing to download an install when it comes to Web Trader, don’t let this apparent practicality fool you. The Web Trader isn’t supposed to be practical for the client, but for the swindlers. They set up their servers with tailored data. Shown through the Web Trader, this will make the victim hemorrhage vast amounts of money in a short time.

Furthermore, our attempts at the login to the Web Trader were blocked, because this company explicitly requires a deposit before allowing users to access the trading features.

If you find yourself looking for a respectable brokerage, you should also consider the type of Trading Software they employ. Even though the most important aspect of business is regulation, proper tools like cTrader, MT4 and MT5 are a necessity.

Is Mobile Trading App Available?

The Web Trader can be run on any device that has a Web Browser. This includes all computers or laptops, and even smartphones or tablets. It’s everywhere, and the scammers like it that way! With the Web Trader in your pocket, you can lose money wherever you are – while riding a bus, or when waiting in line at the doctor’s office. Assets

Guardian Invest supports trading the most popular financial assets. The selection isn’t anything impressive, but it doesn’t need to be. We should remember that whichever Trading Instruments supports, there is no actual trading taking place. It’s all just another part of the scam.

Here is what this faux broker offers on their platform:

Choice of Trading Accounts

There’s nothing unusual when it comes to the Guardian Invest Trading Accounts. These are the typical scam accounts, similar in nature to those with FuslonFX24 scam.

The main thing that differentiates them from what an actual brokerage offers is that these accounts are not separated by different market execution technologies, or suggested trading strategies. Instead, they only differ in minimum deposit amounts.

Here is what the Trading Accounts look like:

Can a Trader run a Demo Account?

Of course, since GuardianInvest is a faux broker, they do not offer any special accounts. There is no demo, nor an Islamic account. Without a demo, you can’t test the market, or any trading strategies. Without the Demo, you can’t know what you’re in for until you deposit actual money.

Scammers leverage this in their favor, of course. You can only speculate with real cash, so any speculation you make leads to the loss of revenue.

Leverage, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Guardian Invest claims that they feature zero-fee deposits and withdrawals. This is simply not true, as we have seen from customer testimonies that payouts are subject to many hidden taxes. We will delve deeper into this issue later in our Review.

The spreads are only described as “tight”, but does not disclose the actual spreads. Leverage is acceptable at low-end accounts, starting at 1:20, but with more costly accounts this quickly goes higher than the allowed maximum in the EU, at 1:100.

Academy by

Guardian Invest advertise an Academy for their traders. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t access their knowledge base. This is probably just a case of false advertising on their part, which is not unheard of with swindlers.

It is highly questionable whether their educational resources, if they even exist, can be applied in a real trading environment. Indeed, without a Demo Account, you can’t test out what you’ve learned without wasting money in the process.

It’s highly likely that these educational materials are as fraudulent as the company itself – teaching you the wrong strategies, so that you’d make all the wrong moves when trading.

Referral Program

We have mentioned that every scam has a few different layers, which overlap in order to squeeze as much money as possible from potential victims. Referral Program is not to be taken lightly.

Many Pyramid Schemes require their members to recruit the people with which they are the closest, and Guardian Invest is no different. The damage is not only financial – there is no way to recover your trust after you’ve led your friends into a trap.

Is Withdrawal Possible?

We have seen all the complaints about the scam. People complain that the fraudsters won’t let them withdraw no matter what. To make the matters worse, their persuasion experts, the Boiler Room Agents, spin the situation and outrageously require more money.

They claim taxes and fees, something that was advertised on the Guardian Invest platform as free of charge, and handled by the company, to be paid up front. These murky waters require a professional to navigate. With our legal assistance, you may yet recover your lost assets.

What Should I Do If I Have been Scammed by

Multiple financial regulators have branded a scam, and for a good reason. This fraudulent company may be young, but they have managed to swindle a great amount of people in a short time. doesn’t have any honest intentions, and they are not to be trusted.

If you, or somebody you know, has been fooled by the Guardian Invest Scam, you should consider seeking legal assistance as soon as possible. Our team of professionals has become notorious with scammers for our proficiency in charging back the client’s money. Use the Live Chat option on our website and book your free first consultation. Remember, your money is only lost the moment you stop fighting for it! is a known Scam entity that operates in the EU region. The fraudulent behavior of Guardian Invest has become known to multiple financial regulators, who have promptly issued Scam Warnings about this faux brokerage. In the case you have invested money with Guardian Invest, consider booking a free consultation with us, and starting a chargeback process.

The minimum deposit with Guardian Invest is $250. Although this is not a very steep price, you should remember that investing with a scam broker is as good as throwing your money into a fire pit.

Guardian Invest does offer an array of CFDs, but does not support Cryptocurrency trading. is a known Scam entity that operates in the EU region. The fraudulent behavior of Guardian Invest has become known to multiple financial regulators, who have promptly issued Scam Warnings about this faux brokerage. In the case you have invested money with Guardian Invest, consider booking a free consultation with us, and starting a chargeback process.

The minimum deposit with Guardian Invest is $250. Although this is not a very steep price, you should remember that investing with a scam broker is as good as throwing your money into a fire pit.

Guardian Invest does offer an array of CFDs, but does not support Cryptocurrency trading.

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