GT-Trader Review – What Are Key Facts You Must Watch For?

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Even though the company claims to have offices in three countries, none of those are recognized as headquarters. Thus, GT-Trader LLC sounds like an offshore company. That’s why they possibly hide their legal documents.

In any case, this GT-Trader review presents you with the key details about this company. Yet, most importantly, ways to protect yourself and funds.

Everything about the trading conditions looks legit. However, without trusted regulations all of that becomes irrelevant. Therefore, to make sure we checked primarily FCA, BaFin and ASIC registers. Sadly, none of them hold any records of GT-Trader scam broker.

Considering their alleged offices worldwide you would expect them to have any license at all. Consequently, their segregation of the funds is quite suspicious. Most likely, they just segregate your funds from your pockets.

So, before you end up tricked for a lot of money, think about your choices wisely. But if you already made a mistake, don’t worry. Our refund specialists can advise you on further steps.

Practically, they offer you almost everything a legitimate broker would do. However, they don’t back it up with any kind of regulations. On top of that, they are using shady web-based platform and hardly traceable crypto transfers for funding.

After all, if you want all of your funds out, they can just ignore you. Or even worse, make your account balance vanish and freeze your account. If something like this is your case, feel free to contact us for help.

One of the key warning signs is a web-based platform. Instead of a highly effective and trusted MetaTrader, you get the basic platform with limited functions. Not even copy trading is available. 

However, all the advanced features this broker might offer would be compromised. Simply due to a lack of regulations.

Tradeable instruments with this investment firm can be seen with any other scam broker. Anyway, some of the options are: 

Since the company offers VIP signals, you can expect in their adverts the offer of auto-trading software. That’s how scam brokers manipulate inexperienced traders. Nevertheless, for those you have to deposit more money. The choices are: 

In fact, GT-Trader offers only leverage transparently. Apparently, it goes only up to 1:5 for the Platinum account. But if you get anything higher than 1:30, close the account and find another broker.

However, none of the other costs like fees or commissions are revealed. Moreover, their spreads allegedly start from 0 pips, but not on a live account.

Currently, none of the bonuses are visible on the company’s website. Since they don’t have transparent documents, we can’t look for bonus policies either. Therefore, just be careful if you are accepting any because you might get tricked.

Considering all the reviews, missing regulations and non-existent withdrawal policy, then it’s not. After all, if the broker is any close to legitimate, they would be more transparent.

Important to realize is that they don’t share any withdrawal fees. Thus, without regulations, they can make it up anytime. But it’s up to you if you will fall for that trick or not. On top of that, it looks like they are promoting anonymous crypto transfers. But we suggest you always use cards due to chargeback availability.

In the first place, you should report the issue to domestic regulators and share your opinion anywhere online. Believe us, it matters. Yet, in many cases that doesn’t bring you your money back.

For that, we suggest you talk to our experts. Whether you need to track crypto with our CipherTrace technology or apply a chargeback, it’s way easier with professionals. Therefore, get in touch now and book your first appointment.

Absolutely not. The company doesn’t have transparent legal documents and operates without any license.

Instead of reliable third-party software, the company opted for a highly suspicious web trader.

According to the company, funding methods are cards, wire transfers and crypto. But in reality, most likely they force you to do an anonymous crypto transfer.

You can only hope for it since the company is not regulated. If you have any troubles, the best option is to talk to our chargeback experts.

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