GrowingFx Review – All The Key Facts And Irregularities

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According to the T&Cs page, the ownership belongs to Growing Fx LLC. The company claims to have the US and the UK address. Not only that, but also US regulations.

Quite optimistic statements. But there are too many things that don’t add up to it. To find out exactly why you should stay away from this broker, keep reading this GrowingFx review.

After all, the GrowingFx broker doesn’t have any other trusted license, starting with the FCA, ASIC or BaFin. Therefore all their statements about negative balance protection and Tier 1 banks become questionable.

The company offers management plans where you get fixed daily returns. But also, you can trade on your own. In either case, everything is mystified with this broker. Their main ace from the sleeve is their fake regulation.

Practically, they can manipulate traders to believe they are legit. But not experienced ones. But after this GrowingFx broker review, not even inexperienced. In any case, if you have withdrawal issues with this company, contact our refund team for advice.

This tells you a lot about their regulatory status. Otherwise, you would have traders from strictly regulated countries. Anyway, there are ways to get your money back. But for detailed guidance book an appointment with our experts.

Important to realize is that doesn’t reveal its platform. But whatever it is, most likely it’s not comparable to MetaTrader or cTrader. 

According to their website, the mobile app is not a part of their offer. But even if it is, with all the bogus lies it wouldn’t be trusted. That’s why we always recommend traders look for Tier 1 licensed and more transparent brokers.

This company claims to be specialized in one very attractive category. But that doesn’t mean necessarily it is true. In any case, you can trade only: 

GrowingFx broker has quite strange account types, practically, without any difference. They are just named differently. Those are: 

Without transparent software, we couldn’t expect a demo account. This is quite disappointing for a broker claiming to be regulated in the US.

One of the additional disturbing facts about this broker is the trading costs. Or the lack of it, if you like. The company doesn’t reveal either leverage or any other fee or commission, which is already a bad sign. Ultimately, they can make up any costs they want and present it like legit. But don’t fall for it.

Currently, the company doesn’t have any bonus offers. On the one hand, that’s positive because bonuses often come with scamming clauses. Yet, don’t be surprised if you get some special offer once you want to withdraw some funds.

GrowingFx withdrawals are science fiction. Practically, the company doesn’t reveal any withdrawal conditions, especially not methods, fees or processing time.

The first thing you should do is to share your opinion about the company online. Afterward, you can report it to authorities and ask around for refund options. But with anonymous scam brokers that’s hardly possible without professional help.

If you want to find out quickly what are the options, you can contact our specialized chargeback team. The first consultation is free and you don’t have any obligations. So, get in touch now and don’t waste any of your time or money.

Actually no. Even though they claim to be. The company is using someone else’s license numbers. But also on two different brands.

According to the company, you can trade forex and cryptocurrencies. But even that is questionable if the data is reliable.

Absolutely not. The company is misleading traders primarily about security. Also, they don’t reveal any trading conditions or software.

This information remains unknown because of the missing withdrawal policy. Therefore, for any withdrawal issues, we suggest you book an appointment with our refund specialists.

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