Graviex Review – Disreputable Crypto House Gets Blacklisted

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The overly simplified crypto trading website will have you believe that all trading is a child’s game until your wallet is drained. You should immediately ask yourself if a company that provides zero information about their legal background and history should be trusted with such claims.

The volatility of digital currencies markets has attracted massive interest but has also produced a great number of failed investments. 

And while illicit crypto providers take advantage of this market’s rising fame, you should take the precautions to ensure your safety of funds before entering the murky waters of online trading.

Exploring will not provide any information at all regarding this firm’s legal status, regulations and incorporation data. 

In addition, they’re not regulated by any other Tier 1 regulatory body. In conclusion, this website is dangerous. Do not place investments in the hands of illicit crypto dealers that do not provide the necessary fund protection.

The actual truth is starting to break through, considering that their average rating is 3.0 out of 5, with 64% 1-star ratings prevailing. There aren’t many other reviews found, as several other reliable sites show zero currently posted reviews.

The internet is swarming with newly registered crypto providers as each one of them wants their piece of the cake. That means that illicit trading sites heavily abuse the regulations or operate despite not owning the mandatory licenses. 

These deals are anything but lucrative – they’re based on false promises that lead investors straight to bankruptcy. When it comes the time for withdrawals, you could face extreme fees, taxes required to be paid up front and various conditions.  

It’s of crucial importance to get strong legal support if you wish to get a hold of your funds again. Our professionals in this sphere can aid you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

The developed web distribution that represents the Graviex platform is a solidly equipped trader with all of the essential functions included. Besides the built in customization tools, the interface is user-friendly and easily navigational. 

To facilitate trading for users on the go, the company has its proprietary mobile app to offer. From the looks of it, the mobile version is more simplified but with the same functionality. 

The two general groups of instruments offered are those based on trading pairs on FIAT or Crypto markets. In Accordance with that, you could trade crypto against FIAT currencies or crypto against other digital coins. Some examples are: BTC/EUR, ADA/USD, ETH/USDT, DOGE/BTC.

The trading host only differs between the two types of Graviex accounts:

Since the platform has given traders a choice to choose whether they wish to pass a KYC or not, that is how the two available packages are given. The difference is that unverified users have a withdrawal limit, and two-factor authentication is disabled. 

On the other hand, the verified accounts could allegedly enjoy an unlimited number of daily withdrawals and a proper authentication process. 

The minimum deposit requirement for ETH and all ERC20 tokens is equal to the amount of its withdrawal fee.

Some partial transparency is displayed when it comes to clarifying the fee structure. As for the Taker and Maker fees, these are 0.20% of the order amount. 

The withdrawal fee is allegedly only charged to cover the network fees. It is equal to 0.002 for all crypto except some like BTC withdrawal fee of 0.0008 BTC, ETH – 0.022 ETH, and others. All the relevant details are presented on the page focused on explaining this aspect.

Transfers in FIAT currencies are not supposed to be charged upon withdrawing.

The legal documents on this portal are quite scarce. When the situation is such, you cannot expect to rely on a platform that operates that way. However, we can help you with the payout issues if needed.

It wouldn’t be the first or the last time a crypto provider that has several red flags on their back fails to deliver. The service on this site is questionable to say the least, and that’s an understatement. As previous users have reported, withdrawal issues and other sorts of troubles are a constant on that website.

Please contact our legal team of chargeback professionals that can help you recover your investment in no time. Our contact agents are always available via the online chat, so never hesitate to ask for help – your first consultation is completely free!

Taker and Maker fees are said to be 0.20%, which is quite attractive. The withdrawal fee differs between crypto tokens.

Although there are clues about them being located in Malta and Russia, neither are confirmed by the firm itself, and that indicates legal problems. For any issues you’re experiencing, please contact our legal team.

If you wish to own a verified account you can choose to pass the KYC procedure.

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