Goldstarway Review – Long Lasting Fraudulent Platform Still At Large

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Based in Wyoming, USA, this shady firm introduces itself as “an AtcForex Wintrader affiliate and business software provider”. Owned by one of the most dangerous Forex swindlers and notorious financial criminals, GCI Financial Ltd, this domain is just another one in the group of unscrupulous sites run by the same con. 

Already blacklisted multiple times, the parent company doesn’t seem like they have any intention of giving up on their fraudulent activities. The fact that the Goldstarway website persists is a solid proof of that. Before investing, please read our Goldstarway review for a detailed insight. 

GCI Financial Ltd, the owner of the broker we’re discussing, has been shifting HQs between SVG, St. Lucia, Belize and a few other tax havens. 

We strongly advise you to follow the instructions from the regulators and steer clear from this brand and their trading portal, otherwise you’re destined to lose. 

Trading on the website is completely fictitious, of course, and all the funds go to line the scammers’ wallets. If you need help getting money out of this scheme, contact our legal experts.

Although multiple warnings have already been issued, the scheme is still active in these nations:

The company allegedly offers the industry standard MT4 trading platform, and a lesser known ActTrader. The website is so incredibly pushy about these apps, most of the pages contain a download link for this software.

Our attempts at download prompted our antivirus to go to full alert mode, preventing the installation on the suspicion of malware.

Although the apps have passed the necessary security screening, these are generic programs that require additional customization before they can be used as a Goldstarway platform. This leaves ample space for the fraudsters to inject malicious code, so beware.

Here’s what the company claims to offer:

The live account types differ between the individual and a company account. Prices of both of these accounts are $1000.

It is not known what exactly comes with these packages, but the sign up procedure sure is complicated. Before you even know what you’re signing up for, you will have to pass a KYC and deposit the requested minimum. And that is only done for the purpose of applying for a Goldstarway account, you don’t immediately get approved! 

All you have to do for Demo is enter some personal information and you’ll get login credentials assigned. However, since ActTrader download is a malware, you have to download MT4. Knowing this prestigious software is used for fraudulent intentions defeats its original purpose, but that’s nothing new. 

The leverage on this portal varies, but the maximum on currency pairs goes up to 1:400, which is more than ten times higher than what EEA regulators allow. 

The web presentation explaining the spreads is promoting some quite attractive values. The starting spreads on EUR/USD are only 1 pips. 

The welcome bonus for depositing for the first time is awarded depending on the amount you invest, starting with $4,000 for 40% bonus. Sums over 20,000 get rewarded with a 70% bonus. However, be wary of the fact that the withdrawal conditions for credited accounts may vary and they’re not clarified anywhere.

This long lasting scheme has incorporated many different payment systems in order to appear legitimate. All of the most popular methods are accepted, including bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PerfectMoney) and the more traditional bank wire transfers.

The company, however, is not known to honor a withdrawal request from their clients. There are still means to recover your funds from these swindlers, so get in touch with our recovery experts at your convenience.

Common practice among the cyber thieves is to prevent withdrawals for the purpose of their own gain. GCI Financial and all their unscrupulous projects in the forms of online trading portals are all known for defrauding customers left and right.

Do not let the same happen to you! First of all, choose a reputable brokerage powerhouse to do business with. And if you’ve already got funds stuck with an internet fraudster, contact our legal service and we’ll recover your capital quickly and seamlessly! 

Goldstarway is a branch of a known fraudulent company that has been engaging in predatory activity for a very long time.

Yes, the company is completely illicit and is known to defraud their clients. Contact our legal experts for help with asset recovery.

Goldstarway entraps their victims with promises of quick riches and stable income, only to pull the rug under their feet when they make a deposit.

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