Goldberryco.Com Review – The Things to Fear

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GoldberryCo is allegedly a reputable company with HQ in Montreal, Quebec (CA). The site has supposedly been operating within Canada and EEA for 3 years already. But that’s just fabrications by the site owners who try hard to look legit. 

In truth, the domain was established on Dec 1st, 2022. Due to the frightening amount of complaints and scammed users, the alert was raised to the state level. Almost all Canadian jurisdictional regulators have blacklisted this broker! Lets see why, in this GoldberryCo review.  

As the warnings prove, nothing in this conduct represents legitimateness and honesty. The Canadian authorities are explicit in the sense of GoldberryCo not having their authorization to sell investment services. 

The regulatory services provided by IIROC demand the brokers applying for a license to have segregated bank accounts for clients’ funds. GoldberryCo offering leverage of up to 1:400 is just unacceptable, as the regulations limit is to 1:50 in Canada and 1:30 in EEA. That’s just another proof of GoldberryCo attempting to push traders into risky investments and then into more debts by not enabling negative balance insurance! 

Although bonuses are allowed in Canada, they are banned in the EEA. As Terms and Conditions in the GoldberryCo legal docs explain the bonuses policy, we can assume bonuses are available for all customers. We’ll discuss their true purpose a bit later in this review. 

Anyway, we wanted to make sure GoldberryCo wasn’t blacklisted for nothing, so we did check several databases for the possible license. FCA, BaFin, CySEC, FINMA, CONSOB and IIROC have nothing on GoldberryCo. It appears they really have no permit for their bank transactions and investment services activities. 

Canadian authorities must have had a strong reason to blacklist this website. Let’s look at which Canadian regional institutions have labeled this broker as a scam:

It is clear that most of the GoldberryCo victims live in Canada. The highest number of complaints and fraud targets come from this country. However, GoldberryCo has spread the poison to other areas as well. They operate in a wide zone that includes:

Trustpilot has a total of 28 GoldberryCo reviews and they’re suspiciously either 5-star ones or fully negative. We suspect the excessively positive ones are fake, as the scammers would often write them themselves or pay for them for a reputation boost. The negative ones seem far more realistic. Take a look:

‘’This company is putting out good word from their mouth to convince you to invest with them but yet your not able to withdraw your capital as holding it for their benefits’’

‘’Scam. They will say whatever they have to just to get you to invest. As far as these profits that some people are saying that they are getting, I’m sure that they are just numbers on a screen and I bet you won’t be able to retrieve your full investment plus profits made.’’

This shady investment services provider obviously likes to handpick their victims. We tried to register and were let into the client portal. After that, though, we couldn’t interact with any of the functions. Including opening the web trader. The pop-up error only advised us to contact support to verify the account and make deposits. Inaccessible or whatever, the web trader may as well be entirely fictive. 

Now, there are options to download the software for desktop and mobile users. When we downloaded the file, the antivirus warned us of its contents and deleted the download. So that didn’t work, either. We wonder if GoldberryCo has a trader at all, or just sends out malicious files. 

GoldberryCo has developed a number of deceptive strategies for gaining control over your judgment and investment decisions. 

First off, they will offer you contact via Telegram and then help with the software installation over AnyDesk and TeamViewer. Please understand that fraudsters use these apps to establish a hold of your machine and steal your data. Of course, they don’t tell you that. 

They neither tell you about the real dangers of investing with them. Scam agents and boiler room dwellers do their best to convince you their scheme is ultra profitable. Guaranteed returns, and risk-free trades are the ace up their sleeve. Either that or forcing you to develop romantic feelings and then bailing on you after you’ve spent your entire life-savings!

At GoldberryCo, you can supposedly trade a number of products with leverage up to 1:400 and undefined spreads. Despite the fact we couldn’t preview the platform, let alone trade on it, we will list the advertised instruments:

We couldn’t dig out any information on trading costs from the trading software or the website. Speaks enough about the questionable GoldberryCo transparency, right? For all we know, traders are only promised tightest spreads and lowest trading fees. A common trick to make you invest, but another proof of the broker being a blatant liar. 

Instead of a comprehensive explanation and concrete details, all we see at GoldberryCo is a simple list of 3 account types. The broker won’t even tell you what the beginning investment should amount to. 

Neither will you find out anything about the features and costs. One revealed option is the leverage, which goes up to 1:400. What a transparent feature presentation… not. Anyhow, the packages are the following:

As the site openly declares, the single available account is the live trading one. It requires a certain deposit if you want to unlock any of the options and functions. We managed to register a new profile somehow. However, we didn’t get to preview the trader or deposit until contacting the support for payment instructions. This indicates that the Demo account is unattainable. 

If you haven’t figured out by now that GoldberryCo is a con, you surely will at the time of payouts. When your account manager, or however they call themselves, becomes distant and not responding entirely, you will know something went downhill. The things were actually doomed to fail the second you agreed to invest in their scheme. 

The potential bonuses are the scariest part which GoldberryCo surely rewards you with at some point. The withdrawals are made impossible as bonuses require you to fulfill a certain trading volume. With GoldberryCo, your total trade has to be bonus/4=standard lots required. For example, if you get a $200 bonus, you have to trade 50 lots. One standard lot is 100 000 units. This makes it beyond insane and absolutely non-achievable with just $200. 

Considering the numbers of GoldberryCo scam victims and complaints, we assure you, you’re not their first casualty! But we can certainly work on making you their last. That is, if we move quick enough. The success of funds recovery mostly depends on how fast you seek help. 

If you contact us as soon as possible via Online Chat, we can probably make haste and report the scam to the authorities. They have the means to fight these crimes. 

Do not forget- all the help you get from us is completely free. So contact us today; there’s no shame in being a scam victim, there’s more people suffering this fate than you might be aware.

Yes, this website is owned by a company which is a confirmed scammer, as Canadian financial institutions report.

No, you can’t trade with a free margin at GoldberryCo. Only live trading accounts are an option.

The program is available at GoldberryCo. After your referral deposits at least $500, you get a percentage.

Yes, this website is owned by a company which is a confirmed scammer, as Canadian financial institutions report.

No, you can’t trade with a free margin at GoldberryCo. Only live trading accounts are an option.

The program is available at GoldberryCo. After your referral deposits at least $500, you get a percentage.

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