Globallfinance Review – Regulator Slapping Them With a Warning

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According to the company, they operate since 2015. But the worrying part is the offshore headquarters country. The company is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines under the name Sailor Consulting LLC.

Thus, we all know how weak offshore regulation is and why Globallfinance Withdrawal Methods are suspicious. Not only that, but the whole business is suspicious due to a lack of transparency.

Firstly, the company doesn’t reveal any trading information whatsoever. Their goal is to get your contact details so they can harass you. That’s how scam brokers operate. To get proof of that, we checked the most trusted regulator databases. Starting with FCA, BaFin and ASIC.

Thus, the problem is the 40% of negative ones. Whereas traders reported issues with withdrawals and money extortion. Let us hear about your experience with this broker. In case you want to apply for a refund, feel free to book a consultation with our team.

The broker plays on the “Curiosity” card. Many traders get attracted by fancy adverts about automated trading software. In general, it’s quite a good idea. Except for the fact that it never works.

Once you leave your contact details, these brokers never let you alone. That’s why it’s important to gather all the necessary information before depositing. Because this way you can prevent yourself from falling for their dirty tricks. If you already did, don’t worry there are still options to recover the money. Contact us to find out more.

Globallfinance broker is mainly scamming traders from:

But there is no joke with German authorities. For that reason, we always suggest Tier 1 (BaFin) regulated companies. If you are coming from any of these countries you can contact us and get free advice on your next steps.

As the key part of any trading company, there comes the trading platform. Generally, traders opt for trusted software like cTrader or MetaTrader. In fact, that’s what attracts traders to sign up with any broker.

In this case, such information is non-existent. The company kept anonymity on the highest level. Is it because they want to hide flaws remains an open question.

Considering the low transparency about the software, we can’t expect anything about mobile apps. Indeed, that’s exactly the case. Globallfinance broker doesn’t reveal any relevant information about the mobile app.

Here comes the most interesting part. In general, traders prefer certain investment opportunities. Some prefer stocks and indices, while others are attracted by cryptos. However, with this broker, you can’t see what instruments they offer.

The only information available is poorly presented information about a few popular stocks. Such as:

Another suspicious aspect is Globallfinance Pricing. The company only offers 3 different account types. Those are:

Sadly, the company doesn’t reveal any financially beneficial information. The only benefits advertised by the broker are office meetings, webinars, events and inside information access.

Considering the company’s anonymity about software, we can’t expect them to provide a demo account. This is the case, indeed. Overall, it’s a huge downside for any broker not to have a demo.

Another suspicious fact about this broker is their trading costs. The company doesn’t have transparent spreads, fees or leverage. There is not even information if they are offering CFDs. On top of that, without transparent terms and conditions, you can’t get any more details about the broker.

With very few contact options, we don’t believe Globallfinance Customer Service would be of some help. Most likely they would rush you to make a Globallfinance minimum deposit of $200.

Without transparent legal documents, it’s hard to check. Yet, the company doesn’t mention anywhere that they offer bonuses. But don’t be surprised because they are offshore broker without any control or regulations.

Considering the warning from a trusted regulator and missing Globallfinance fees, most likely no. The broker is only using icons of trusted payment providers like Visa and Master Card. Thus, scam brokers often promote crypto transfers. Mainly because those are irreversible transactions.

Firstly, let us know about your experience with this broker. Considering poor Globallfinance contact options we don’t believe you would get a solution from them. Also, missing Globallfinance regulations tells you that you need to try alternative methods.

We suggest you report it, but also start the refund process as soon as possible. Because some of the methods are time-limited. Our expert team is available for consultation, you just have to send us a message. Have in mind that you don’t have obligations or any costs for the first consultation.

No. Globallfinance company operates without regulations and there is a warning against them from BaFin.

Mostly it’s unclear what Globallfinance offer consists of. The only visible information on the company’s website is regarding stocks.

Since the company doesn’t offer risk-free options, you need to start with real money for $200 at least.

There is no available information about withdrawal fees. But they can make it up any time. If that happens contact our team and consult about the next steps!

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