Global Base Review – Gambling Might Be Less Risky Than This

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Even though they don’t reveal address information, we can see this broker is based in Seychelles. However, such information is the last thing visible in their T&Cs. As for the ownership, it belongs to STAR MKT  Ltd. It’s quite a young company registered in 2021. But, it’s already exposed as fraudulent.

Global Base io platform should primarily hold domestic licenses issued by the FSA. However, their register is empty when we search for them. 

We were hoping they are holding any other Tier 1 license. However, the database of FCA, BaFin and ASIC doesn’t show any results either. Consequently, you can consider Global Base io crypto trading company as a scam.

If you are one of those that would like to get a refund, contact our team today!

According to the research, the company is using fraudulent marketing campaigns and non-existent auto-trading software to attract traders. Once they get on board, they quickly realize it’s far from true. Yet, inexperienced traders get convinced in other ways to stay.

Whether with quick returns or because they already deposited hard-earned money. But don’t fall for those tricks! Instead, you can start a chargeback with our assistance.

For more than 2 years this broker is scamming traders from every part of the world. Mostly those scammed customers come from: 

Quite a wide range of countries. Let us know if you had a bad experience with this broker and we can advise you on the refund process.

The main trading platform is quite poorly designed web-based software. Instead of trusted MT4/MT5 or cTrader, they choose less trusted options. Neither do they offer social trading, copy trading nor EAs features. On the contrary, you can only use basic features and analytical tools that any other broker has as the basic package.

To make everything even worse, mobile apps don’t exist. Sadly, iOS and Android users can only access their accounts through the browser. In general, this is very often a deal breaker.

Overall, the broker knows what’s attractive. It’s highly volatile cryptocurrencies. However, many traders prefer more understandable options. Yet, this broker doesn’t offer any other instrument class.

With this broker, it’s also unknown what are the benefits of registering an account. There is no standard account type classification. Without those, it’s hard to determine what are Global Base io fees. Nevertheless, without the necessary Global Base io license you can expect the unexpected.

Another key fact is missing a demo account. Even though the company promises fast execution and an excellent platform, that’s hardly believable. If they are not hiding anything, they would offer a demo account. However, completing the Global Base io registration form can only get you non-stop calls from their agents.

Indeed, bonuses are not mentioned anywhere on their website. Thus, don’t be surprised if after Global Base io login you get a call from an agent offering you a special bonus offer. Since they are not licensed broker, most likely it comes with a malicious clause.

Global Base io withdrawal is most likely not possible. Many traders already reported issues with those. They use multiple tactics to decline a withdrawal. The first thing is verification o the account. In case you don’t verify it in 14 days upon request, the withdrawal is rejected.

But also if they suspect you are engaging in prohibited activities. Practically, without regulations, they can make up any reason to say so.

The first thing is to report them to the authorities. Consequently, you should apply for a refund, but without regulations and a compensation scheme, it’s hard to achieve it alone. Instead, you can contact our experts for in-detail guidance on the fund recovery process. Our first consultation is free of charge. Get in touch now.

No. The company doesn’t have any regulations and traders can’t have any protection.

The minimum deposit information is not revealed by the broker which is another scam sign.

No. The only way to access the trading account on a mobile device is through the browser.

Absoultely not. You don’t have any protection and many traders reported withdrawal issues. If you had any, feel free to reach out to us for refund assistance.

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