Gala Gruppe Review – Nothing Gala About This Scam Crypto Exchange

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Gala Gruppe is allegedly a Swiss Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. The homepage is only available in German, and does not support any other language. This immediately came out as strange to us, as the official languages in Switzerland are German, Romansh, Italian and French.

Needless to say, this affair immediately raised some suspicions of the company’s legitimacy. Stick with our Gala Gruppe Review, as we analyze the dangers of what turned out to be a full blown Crypto Scam!

The people behind Gala Gruppe Scam want to pass it as a Swiss company. Any Swiss company falls under the jurisdiction of the regulatory body FINMA. The first thing we did to check the company’s credibility was search the FINMA register. It returned 0 results, meaning that Gala Gruppe does not have an authorization to trade in Switzerland.

As you will find out later in our Gala Gruppe Review, this company is focused on the German speaking public. For this reason, we have checked the databases of Austrian FMA, and German BaFIN. What we found out was that the FMA has issued a scam warning about Gala Gruppe!

This has prompted us to search further and deeper for any clues about the fraudulent activity of Gala Gruppe. We found no less than 7 scam warnings issued by other regulators.

Take a look:

So, Gala Gruppe is not only an unlicensed entity that is not registered in any nation, they are a full blown scam with a hefty black list!

Dealing with Gala Gruppe and their Account Managers is a dangerous ordeal. If you have already deposited funds to this scam company, we offer legal help in recovering your lost assets.

The scam was first launched in late 2022, and here is where they have the most victims:

Unfortunately, the opacity of the Gala Gruppe website did not let us learn about their trading platform. The company advertises something that is world-leading, but we could not test this claim by ourselves.

The Account Types at Gala Gruppe seem dubious even at first glance. They adhere to the most common scamming template, and are known as Tiered Accounts. The alleged trading benefits are only there to make the deal seem more lucrative for the victim.

These accounts are not cheap at all, take a look:

Here is where we came across another stumbling block. Without a proper Gala Gruppe Login, and with no access to the Trading Platform, we couldn’t find out much about Trading Instruments. The website contains a link that redirects clients to Market Cap, but this is a trade charting service and does not reflect the deals offered by Gala Gruppe.

Here are the assets that Gala Gruppe advertizes:

Gala Gruppe charges large withdrawal fees. They do this to ensure they get to keep a decent amount for themselves. The minimum amount a client can withdraw is €100. This withdrawal would be charged a fee up to €50, with additional 10% levy.

Each time a client would wish to withdraw, they would need to re-submit their personal ID and other legal documents. Additionally, there are dormant fees, cancellation fees, and all sorts of other charges as well!

Although Gala Gruppe advertises support from all major payment services, we can’t take this for granted. The vast majority of such scam organizations tell one story on their website, while the situation on the Trading Floor is completely different.

The largest of your concerns is not the fees and taxes, unfortunately, but the scammers’ unwillingness to let you withdraw. If you have any problems with Gala Gruppe Withdrawal, feel free to contact us via the Live Chat.

Gala Gruppe is a known scam company. There are currently at least 7 regulator warnings about this fraudulent firm. Much of the important information a trader would need is blocked on website.

If you have deposited any funds with the Gala Gruppe Scam, you should consider legal action. Our recovery experts have ample experience with dealing with companies just like Gala Gruppe. Contact us via the Live Chat, and book your first free consultation today!

Gala Gruppe is a nefarious scam organization that is on the black list of many major financial regulation agencies in Europe.

Gala Gruppe may be unwilling to let you withdraw any money from their platform. In order to recover your lost funds, seek legal aid from our recovery experts.

Allegedly, Gala Gruppe is a Cryptocurrency Exchange company. We know that their real goal is defrauding people, and that they are blacklisted in many nations.

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