GainGround Review – Detailed Analysis And Main Warning Signs

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In the first place, this so-called UK brokerage doesn’t reveal any owners’ information. This puts them on the warning list immediately. Such things are especially sensitive if the broker claims to be from the UK. As one of the financially strictest countries in the world, it’s hard to operate there without authorization. 

Therefore, to find out all the dirty secrets about this investment firm, read our GainGround review carefully.

If you look at the GainGround website you won’t see any outstanding features. But you should primarily pat attention to the lack of regulations. In fact, the situation is completely opposite. The company claims to be in the UK, while not being in the FCA register. Quite suspicious, innit?

Even though, reviews might appear positive, they are not. On Trustpilot, you can already see 28 comments with 25% negative ones. But in reality, most likely there are many more.

In general, traders are complaining about withdrawals. Understandably. But if you are as well one of those, our specialized refund team is at your disposal. Feel free to contact us for more advices.

The whole business goes around manipulations. Whether with fake ads about auto-trading software or trading signals. But even if that somehow works, the company won’t let you get any of the money out.

If you think about it for a second, they would be licensed if they are legit, right? Since they are not, you can only expect one way to end. To get your money back, we strongly suggest you some of our refund alternatives. If you want to find out more, send us a message.

In fact, traders that experienced that on their own skin are mostly coming from: 

Instead of cTrader or MetaTrader, you’ll have to go through the web-based nightmare. This brokerage does not offer any third-party reliable technology.

You can expect only basic customization options, technical indicators and limited features. Yet, we are sure that you can find more reliable options wherever you are coming from.

Another warning sign comes with the company’s lack of mobile apps. In general, that’s a sign that they are not planning to stay in the business in the long run. Hopefully, you now understand the difference between a swindler and a legitimate firm.

Considering missing regulations, you can’t expect reliable information about tradeable assets. Above all, the company lacks one of the most important classes – stocks. Instead, you can trade: 

Even though the company has quite a low minimum deposit requirement, don’t fall for that trick. After all, they will come for everything you have. Anyway, the account types are: 

This investment firm offers insanely high leverage without any protection. Primarily, we are talking about negative balance protection. But also, there is a guaranteed stop-loss missing. 

With a leverage of 1:2000, everything they give you is quite dangerous. As for the other costs, you’ll have to prepare yourself for surprises.

Not at all. Primarily, the company is on the warning list. On top of that, their withdrawal policy is practically imaginary. In the end, their agents can make up any story they want without any consequences.

If you were looking for withdrawal fees and methods, you would also have to guess. Therefore, we suggest you switch to a more reliable broker.

Generally speaking, with unregulated scam brokers you have only a few options. But those options depend on your deposit method. With our experts, you can get detailed guidance for chargeback or even a CipherTrace crypto tracking option. We advise you to book a meeting since the first one doesn’t cost you anything. Get in touch today and book yours!

GainGround is an anonymous investment firm presenting itself as UK-based but without adequate authorization to provide services there.

GainGround brokerage is definitely a scam. There is a warning from the FCA and if you are one of their victims, contact our refund specialists for advice.

The company offers 4 account types: standard, cent, crypto and micro. Thus, without regulations, none of those can be trusted.

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