FxWinning Review – Only Thing They’re Winning Are Blacklists

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Nothing screams scam like blacklists. Brokers that get a warning slapped on their brand name do not perform well and should cease their operations. However, they usually don’t until their domains get taken down. Although one of the FxWinning domains is doomed, the other is fully operational. 

Nothing stops this scam from pushing forward and getting to as many victims as they can until they go dark for good. Their insidious methods and perseverance are described in the following FxWinning review.


FxWinning, this anonymous company, is suspected to operate out of Hong Kong, their website is in Spanish by default, while their TOS mentions US court as the ruling institution.

Let us immediately tell you they do not appear in any of the databases of regulated entities. We made sure of it by searching SFC, NFA, FCA, ASIC and CySEC registers.

The fact that FxWinning sells their products and services without a license has caused an uproar in several authorities that have blacklisted this entity:

All the clues point to the fact that FxWinning doesn’t operate under the supervision of any financial authority, doesn’t protect clients’ funds through segregation of deposits, and doesn’t allow compensation. Furthermore, absence of negative balance insurance solidifies the quick draining of every deposit, under the increased chance for loss thanks to overly high leverage.

PSLUS is another blacklisted entity we’d advise you to stay away from!

The overall rating that FxWinning holds at TrustPilot is characterized as “Poor”. That is quite funny, because the broker claims their average rating on that site is 4.9/5.0. Don’t even get us started on how outrageously frustrated the customers are. Their testimonies reflect that better than anything:

“Frozen funds for months with the excuse of KYC and AML review, now they have confirmed the end of this process, but rarely, people that didn’t send KYC forms got the Ok email. Now that this very questionable stage ended, they, coincidentally, started with a new big problem and will shut down, money hasn’t been given back.”

“I have been with them since 2021 and never requested a withdrawal. Without any notification, they shut down their brokerage and now I cannot get my over $5,000 withdrawn from my account!! I sent an email and did not get a reply at the time I am writing this email.”

The FxWinning scam doesn’t shy away from making all kinds of promises. Whatever floats your boat is what the boiler room agent is gonna promise you to get if you just start investing. Naturally, the scammer’s appetite for investments only grows, so the expectations before you exponentially grow. 

The false profit soon proves to be non-withdrawable, and you’re left with drained bank accounts, empty credit cards and a hell of a headache. 

Luckily, our chargeback experts have been successfully battling scam and helping investors recover what has been stolen from them. We can offer you help and support in getting your hard-earned money back.

If FxWinning claims to operate from Hong Kong, is ruled by the laws of US court and has Spanish as site language, do they operate as a globally acclaimed firm? Of course not. That is only a proof of how hard they’re trying to conceive their tracks but, at the same time, reach as many victims as possible. 

If you find yourself among the defrauded ones, feel free to contact us for legal support. The countries we’ve received the biggest number of complains so far are:

At the first glance, FxWinning seems like their offer of platforms is on par with reputable brokerage powerhouses. Although it may seem like the FxWinning platform is the glorious MT5 connected to their own trading server – this is a lie. 

What you get to download from the broker’s site is a directly linked MT5 Demo version from the MetaQuotes server. FxWinning – this shameless liar doesn’t provide you with a way to trade and make money at all! 

Crypto Wealth is another broker that misuses a famous platform to deceive their victims, just like FxWinning.

TradingView borrowed bar on top of the FxWinning website doesn’t mean the broker also provides these instruments for trading. The website doesn’t even make a mention of what products can be bought and sold on their platform. Judging from the platform directly, only these instrument classes are available:

From what could be concluded from the user area and scarce website details, no customized account types exist. The duplicate domain was at least that diligent to attempt and sell different packages, although undoubtedly fictitious. 

Fxwinning.pro doesn’t have specialized account types for a variety of traders, their investing preferences and buying power. What’s more, the account you open is automatically labeled as a live trading account and the broker expects deposits instantaneously. That also implies no Demo in existence, whatsoever. Minimum deposit for the single account type is $100, while for wire transfers – $ 1,000.

Brokers staying loyal to their anonymity protect it fanatically. And so, FxWinning doesn’t quite clarify the exact trading costs, including leverage and spreads. DemoMT5 doesn’t reveal true trading circumstances, as it only features info defaulted by the creator, not broker provider. Profbitos is just as untransparent when it comes to trading costs and pricing. 

Multiple blacklists witness the broker’s malicious tendencies to defraud victims. Therefore, withdrawal issues are expected, no matter how friendly and nice the broker seems to be in the beginning towards their victims. If that happens to you, please contact our legal team to help you recover your stolen funds. 

We can’t put a finger on one thing that’s the worst about FxWinning. Whether it’s the blacklists, negative feedback, defrauded victims, bad trading conditions or anonymity, this broker displays all the signs of a typical scam. So equip yourself with additional caution and doubt when being approached and proposed similar deals. 

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing troubles withdrawing funds from fxwinning.pro, our legal team is here to advise and support you in the process.

No, this broker is not only unlicensed but a confirmed scam due to blacklists.

The broker allegedly offers quick money gain by investing and trading on their website but it’s all a hoax.

Absolutely not. This sham doesn’t deserve a single penny invested in their pathetic scheme.

The website or the shallow legal docs do not reveal any of the costs. However, we are here to help victims of the withdrawal scam and provide them with adequate legal advice and support.

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