FXELIT.com Review – Bogus Firm With No Withdrawal Options

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FXELIT.com markets an allegedly innovative platform, excellent security, ease of access and a diverse choice of instruments as their main features. These claims would have some value if they weren’t coming from a broker owned by an unknown entity, operating from an undisclosed location. 

What makes matters even worse is the fact that the website was established in June this year and they’re already blacklisted. Read what has earned them a public warning in the following FXELIT.com review.


The key reason why FXELIT.com could never be trusted is the lack of honesty and transparency. Website owners haven’t published any of the corporate info and claim to be licensed without proof for it.

The victims recruited by boiler room agents are further deceived into enormous investments by exorbitant numbers shown in the platform. When the target sees these unrealistic values, they expect even bigger profit and are motivated to keep depositing. That is how FXELIT.com gets their piece of the cake. 

The ruthless thievery doesn’t just rid you of your hard-earned money. Identity theft is also known to go in hand with financial fraud. So not just your money is jeopardized the second you open an FXELIT.com account.

Money snatched away by the FXELIT.com scam is locked and unavailable for you to withdraw. We strongly recommend you to contact our legal experts team that can help you get your funds back.

Since June 2023, when the scheme was set in motion, FXELIT.com has managed to defraud a large number of investors from:

Despite the evident preference for the Germanic countries, FXELIT.com doesn’t filter their victims. If you happen to have been contacted by their scam agents, beware. It is best to cut off all contact and get legal aid in recovering your investment. We can help with that. 

The lack of transparency at FXELIT.com continues with their trading instruments. To get any info about asset types, you need to already be logged in to the trading platform.

FXELIT.com features these instruments:

Tiered live trading accounts at FXELIT.com are claimed to provide different benefits. These include increased margin loans, larger leverage increments, and invites to different VIP events.

The minimum deposits are as follows:

Starting with the maximum leverage of 1:400, all the trading parameters at FXELIT.com work against traders. However, the broker advertises these conditions as exceptional to justify the abnormal costs of the account types featuring these stats. 

On the other hand, there’s supposed fixed spreads that are suspiciously low, especially for a blacklisted broker. These are not to be trusted either – such numbers only serve as another bait to make you invest. 

The fxelit.com website doesn’t say anything about financial channels. If you try to deposit through the Web Trader, it will show an error “Payments system not active”. This way, the company makes their clients rely on boiler room agents for all financial transactions.

FXELIT.com never intended their clients to be able to withdraw in the first place. For help with getting back your funds, you may rely on our chargeback experts.

The main theme that keeps repeating on FXELIT.com is the lack of transparency. This faux brokerage uses it as a weapon to easily trap potential investors, similarly to FXBitCapital fraud. Financing is a one-way street with FXELIT.com, as they don’t allow withdrawals. BaFin hasn’t blacklisted them for nothing. 

To recover your investment from FXELIT.com, you need help from an expert, since normal withdrawal processes don’t work with this sham. Our team of chargeback professionals is there to give a helping hand with your endeavors. Book a free consultation today.

No, FXELIT.com is not licensed, but is blacklisted for unscrupulous activities in the financial niche.

The packages are: Standard – $10,000, Bronze – $25,000, Silver – $50,000, Gold – $100,000, VIP – $250,000 and PRO – $1,000,000.

Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, ETFs and Cannabis are the product groups advertised for buying and selling.

Financial swindlers do not allow payouts. Your best bet is to contact our legal specialists to start a chargeback.

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