FXCMB Review – FCA Slams The Fraudster For Faking Forex Licenses

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Optimal trading conditions and a healthy Forex environment is not what you will find on the fxcmb.com website. On the contrary, the faux firm that urges you to invest in their shady deal is only looking for easy profits based on defrauding decent traders. 

However, the fraudsters don’t shy away from self-glorification and claim to be your next most reliable navigator on the world’s markets. Our brutally honest FXCMB review is here to bring you nothing but the truth and the reasons why FCA, the authority the con claims to be regulated by, has actually blacklisted them.

Regardless of your level of Forex expertise, you must have encountered at least once on your trading journey a persistent boiler room agent. Trying to make you feel as if you’re missing out on something, these skillful phone salesmen will insist you on investing in their proposal. 

The deals that might seem like money generators are nothing but a farce. On the other hand, if you become their customer, they may even allow occasional tiny withdrawals, just to motivate you to invest more. 

And if you’re reluctant to do that immediately, they’ll develop a completely different approach and gain your trust or romantic interest first before robbing you blind. 

As we’ve already explained, finding a regulated broker is crucial in terms of keeping your funds safe. However, if you ever find yourself trying to get your money back from a sham, you can contact us for legal support and swift action.

As an attempt to sell the idea of greatness and favorable conditions, this unscrupulous site advertises MT4. Sadly, ads are all they have to offer. After opening an account, you get access to the trading room where the only platform is a simplistic web trader. 

Although it allows usage of most basic indicators and some rudimentary customization tools, it cannot even compare to the excellent MT4. As a promoted FXCMB platform, you’d expect download links for it, but there’s none.

Since the easiest thing to do is link Apple and Google stores, that’s what this swindler does. Promising to bring you most advanced trading features on the go, the site will have you believe they provide mobile trading. This is yet another of their lies, as you can only download a MetaQuotes demo from these links.

While acclaimed brokerage conglomerates can enable thousands of tradable instruments, that is not the case here. Here’s some of the most common products we found on the site:

Taking into consideration that most well regulated brokers allow you to register for just $10, the FXCMB accounts are absolutely not worth their price. 

Besides the unjustified costs, it is highly questionable if they indeed provide anything they boldly advertise. It is known that the cons use any method conceivable to sell their unlicensed products and services. 

This one diligently markets their offer, but its truthfulness is dubious. It’s not quite likely that the real conditions are so attractive as the platform owners would like you to believe.

Here’s the price list:

Depending on the account type you choose, you unlock allegedly different trading conditions. In terms of maximum leverage ratio, it goes from 1:30 to 1:500 for the most expensive package. 

Spreads are also conditioned by the amount of your investment. Starting spreads are 1 pips, but for other accounts they’re not entirely clarified. You see, somewhere it just says that the spreads are fixed, in other places it’s 0 pips. However, if the spreads are 0, you’d expect commissions revealed, but they’re not.  

The business didn’t publish any of the legal docs pertaining to their operation and ethics, as well as trading principles and law directives. Lack of transparency isn’t the only problem here. It’s the dishonesty that outlines all of their practices and how they act with their clients. 

Funding operations are conducted from the client zone. However, nothing is revealed even there and besides several crypto currencies you have no other way to perform a transaction. 

As soon as you report your case to the authorities, you should also get help with your fund recovery. Our team of chargeback experts and professional legal advisors can aid you in the process. With our success rate, we’ve become notorious among fraudsters. So allow us to help you, too!

Contact our legal service via the live chat or the form at the end of the page and your first consultation will be book entirely free of charge!

It is a fraudulent entity blacklisted by FCA, IOSCO and CONSOB. Better contact us promptly if your funds are stolen so we can help you recover them.

Yes, as authorities confirm, this scheme is nothing but a bunch of anonymous cyber thieves.

Instead of the promised MT4, only webtrader is available.

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