Future Invest Limited Review – Hidden Conditions and Legal Documents

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As can be seen, the company proudly presents its quite suspicious regulations. At first glance, some traders might even trust them. Yet, there are numerous reasons, regardless of that license, why not to.

As a UK-based brokerage, there are a few things they must obey. Let’s find out in this Future Invest Limited review if they do and if you can invest your money with this particular brokerage firm.

In any case, Future Invest Limited should be primarily regulated by the UK FCA since they present themselves as UK-based. However, they can’t be found in the FCA’s database. Unfortunately, that’s not the case only with the FCA but also with any other top-tier regulator. Consequently, you can forget about segregated bank accounts for the deposits they promote.

However, that’s not the only problem you will experience. Before that, you can expect many more, such as non-existent fees and taxes, platform manipulation, etc. If that happens, you should contact our refund specialists and start your refund process as soon as possible.

One of the funniest things about the Future Invest Limited broker is their shameless lies. For instance, they claim to have more than 30 million worldwide users. Yet, there are only 18 reviews about them. Don’t you think that’s strange? In any case, if the company was reliable, people would know much more about them.

The main feature promoted by this firm is Future Invest Limited’s crypto trading offer. That’s why traders never see it back once they send crypto. In this case, most of those victims come from: 

Usually, trusted brokers with regulations offer trusted platforms, such as cTrader and MetaTrader. Primarily because of the wide range of features and advanced options. For instance, social and copy trading. 

Sadly, Future Invest Limited’s trading platform is web-based, with only basic functionalities. That’s definitely not something any trader needs for successful trading.

In addition to all the mentioned flaws, there are a few more. One of them is a lack of trusted mobile apps. Therefore, trading on a mobile device is only possible through the browser. 

But think about watching YouTube on the browser, and you will realize how hard trading could be.

Tradeable instruments with any non-transparent broker are your last concern. What’s the use of a thousand assets if you don’t know how much it will cost you to trade it? 

In any case, the main offer consists of: 

Generally speaking, the company’s account types don’t reveal many relevant details. Traders are mainly offered different depositing options between $250 and $100k. In exchange, they can expect features like: 

Considering Future Invest Limited’s minimum deposit requirement, a demo account would be a much-needed option. Yet, the company doesn’t offer it. Most likely because they are hiding their platform flaws and trading costs. 

Important to realize is that this brokerage is not revealing any trading conditions. Starting with leverage, fees, spreads, or commissions. But that’s only possible because of missing trusted Future Invest Limited regulation. If they had an FCA license, things would be much more transparent.  

To avoid mentioning bonuses, scam brokers often form that as loans. With this firm, you can get a loan up to 100% of your initial deposit. 

However, conditions for getting funds out are missing. Same as with the terms and conditions. So, be extremely careful with them.

Since the company highly promotes crypto transfers, you should know a few things. Crypto transfers are virtually irreversible and hardly traceable. Therefore, you will have issues getting it back once you send them money. That’s why if you are testing out a broker, card transfers are the best option.

Nevertheless, when it comes to withdrawals, this company has no transparent withdrawal policy. Just briefly, they mention fees may apply, but the fee structure doesn’t exist. Not to mention that withdrawal processing time and other conditions are unknown.

If you have a problem with this brokerage, try contacting the FCA and see what they think about them. After all, they don’t have so many negative reviews without a reason.

On the other hand, many traders opted for our services because of access to CipherTrace, which you might need as well to track your stolen cryptos. We’ve been scammed as well, and it’s hard to swallow it. But sure, you have to do something about it. Contact us for a free consultation and find your options.

Future Invest Limited is a company presenting itself as UK brokerage with more than 97 million registered users worldwide.

No. The company provides most likely false information. On top of that, they are using fake licenses to present themselves as legit. Yet, they are not FCA regulated.

Reversed card transactions that happen after resolving a dispute are called chargebacks. To get started with yours, contact us.

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